A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


Round 1:

  1. THW abolish Marriage

  2. THB violent protest is a legitimate form of protest

  3. THW incentivize bilingual education

Round 2:

  1. THW require uniforms in all public schools

  2. TH values freedom over security

  3. THB the US should adopt a policy to substantially reduce childhood obesity

Round 3:

  1. TH fears the rise of robots

  2. TH regrets the rise of social media in the political sphere

  3. THW legalize marijuana on the federal level

Round 4:

  1. THW mandate routine vaccines for all children in public schools without medical exemption

  2. THW accept more refugees

  3. THW make voting compulsory

Round 5:

  1. THW pay all elected politicians the median wage in their country

  2. THW prefer a gender-less society

  3. THW create an international environmental council to combat climate change


  1. THW give kindergarteners sex ed

  2. THW pay reparations to Native Americans


  1. THB parents should feed their children a vegan or vegetarian diet

  2. THW eliminate the SAT


***Round 1: Space***:

This House would prioritize deep sea exploration over space exploration.

This House would end the private exploration of space.

This House would militarize space.

***Round 2: International***:

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) should adopt a common currency.

The US should help Hong Kong become an independent democracy.

The US should negotiate with terrorists.

***Round 3: Social Media***:

This House would set a minimum age of 18 for creating a Facebook account.

This House would regret anonymity on the Internet.

Social Media fundraising campaigns do more harm than good.

***Round 4: American Political Structure***:

The electoral college should be abolished

The federal government should abolish all private campaign donations and institute a public finance system

Congress should have max term limits

***Round 5: Education***:

This House believes teacher’s pay should be dependent on student performance.

This House would establish single gender public schools.

This House without exception would not allow unvaccinated children to attend public schools

***Round 6: Sports***:

This House would boycott the NFL

This House would pay all college athletes.

This House would require all high schools to play a sport.

***Round 7: Superheroes***:

This House would reject Wonder Women as a feminist icon.

Vigilantism does more harm than good.

All superheroes should maintain a "no kill rule"

***Round 8: Morality***:

To instill morality, pet ownership should be mandatory.

Tourism is morally reprehensible.

Capital Punishment is morally justified