1. THW abolish juries in criminal trials.

THW allow individuals to use violent force to defend their homes, even when they do not fear for personal safety.

THW allow prisoners to choose the death penalty over a life sentence.

2. THW end the Oscars. *The Oscars, or the Academy Awards, is an annual awards ceremony to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements. There have been controversies regarding diversity among the voters and the recipients.

THW ban the display of all art created with the intended purpose or reasonably likely outcome of creating offence.

THBT artists from majority cultures should not attempt to represent or emulate the minority cultures in their art.

3. THW grant immunity from prosecution to authoritarian leaders who voluntarily step down.

THW abolish presidential term limits.

TH prefers strong authoritarian rule to weak democracies in developing nations.

4. THW give disadvantaged individuals two votes in political elections.

THBT a political candidate's personal life should be private.

THW ban individuals who have not been long-active party members from becoming party candidates for office.

5. TH supports the use of humanitarian organizations as cover for espionage. (Red Cross, Amnesty International, UN anti-disease campaigns, etc.).

THW ban the transfer of waste from developed nations to developing nations.

Following the end of domestic armed conflict, THW grant amnesty rather than pursue justice. (e.g., members of FARC in Columbia, Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, etc. ).

Novice Semi-Finals. TH regrets the future mass automation of jobs currently performed by humans (e.g., self-driving cars, self-checkouts).

Assuming a minimum standard of welfare has been achieved, THBT states should make no further attempt to reduce economic inequality.

TH supports maximum wealth limits for individuals.

Varsity Semi-Finals. TH regrets continued globalization.

TH regrets continued mass immigration.

TH regrets further growth of social media.

Novice Final: THW make it a crime to intercept, read or publish another person's emails.

Varsity Final: THW ban release of video of police activity without court approval.