A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


1. The USFG should substantially decrease the role of the Southern Command in Latin/South America. 

2. The Netherlands should leave the EU. 

3. The USFG should make community colleges tuition free. 

4. The African Union should create its own version of the ICC. 

5. The USFG should pass a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance. 

O. The USFG should set term limits on representatives in the House of Representatives. 

Q. The USFG should make Puerto Rico the 51st state of the USA. 

S. CA should pass a law to divest in coal. 

F. The National Collegiate Athletics Association division 1 athletes should be paid a salary. 


1. USFG should significantly increase restrictions on bio-prospecting.

2. European Union should take immediate, direct action to resolve the Balkan refugee crisis.

3. The IMF should substantially reform voting rights to increase the representation of member states with poorer economies.

4. USFG should substantially increase regulations on the creation of Artificial General Intelligence.

5. The SEC should require public disclosure of spending by public corporations of money spent in elections and lobbying.

O. USFG should nationalize internet service providers.

Q. USFG should lift its ban on crude oil exports.

S. NAFTA ought to be reformed to enhance border security.

F. UN Security Council should pass a treaty to protect and preserve extraterrestrial microbial organisms and ecosystems.


1. The USFG should indefinitely suspend the sale to and usage of military equipment by police in the US.
2. The EU should deny Ukraine's bid for membership.
3. The USFG should increase its piloted missions to the lunar surface for resource extraction.
4. The USFG should increase security cooperation with the Economic Community of West African States.
5. The USFG should reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act
O. The USFG should pass comprehensive immigration reform. 
Q. The USFG should cede significant diplomatic ground to the People's Republic of China in the area of military policy.
S. California should significantly increase its investment in public infrastructure.

F. The USFG should immediately produce and distribute Ebola vaccines. 


1. The USFG should significantly increase regulation of the dumping of ballast water in its inland and coastal waters
2. In the case of McCutcheon v FEC, the Supreme Court will rule in favor of McCutcheon.
3. The United States should take a significant action to establish dominance in space.
4. India should constructively engage Pakistan.
5. In the case of the Environmental Protection Agency vs. EME Homer City Generation, the US Supreme Court should rule in favor of the Environmental Protection Agency.
O. ASEAN should establish a regional maritime code of conduct to avert armed conflict in the South China Sea.
Q. The UK should leave the EU.
S. USFG should close its drone base in Djibouti.
F. ?


1. The USFG should substantially increase assistance for organic and/or sustainable agriculture in US.
2. The USFG should substantially increase assistance for High Speed Rail Programs.
3. The Jackson-Vanik Amendment should be repealed.
4. Publication of victimless crime suspects should be unconstitutional.
5. Voter identification laws should be ruled unconstitutional.
O. Japan should cede the Senkaku islands to China.
Q. The United Nations should send peacemakers to Syria.
S. FCC obscenity laws should be applied to internet websites.
F. In the instance of Palestine: the Two State solution should be prioritized.


1. California should significantly enhance its mental health support system.
2. USFG should combine all its financial regulatory agencies into one unified body.
3. USFG should significantly alter trade practices with the People’s Republic of China.
4. USFG should significantly alter diplomatic relations with Pakistan.
5. USFG should significantly increase the Environmental Protection Agency’s oversight capabilities.
O. California should pass Governor Brown’s pension plan changes.
Q. California should guarantee funding for state supported schools.
S. Occupy Wall street should be disbanded.
F. USFG would significantly decrease troops stationed in Japan.


1. USFG should substantially reform the provision of mental health services to the chronically mentally ill.
2. USFG should repeal the Frank-Dodd Legislation.
3. USFG should immediately pull out of the strategic and economic dialogue with China.
4. EU should admit Turkey.
5. USFG should implement a cap and trade system.
O. USFG should label Yemen as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.
Q. US Senate should ratify UN’s Biodiversity Convention Goals.
S. SCOTUS should grant products of natural origin protection under US patent law.
F. The US mortgage industry should be run by state governments.


1. The USFG should establish a national rail transit system. (US Transportation Infrastructure Policy)
2. The USFG should pass a single-payer health care system. (Health Care Reform)
3. The US should significantly increase economic ties with Russia. (US-Russian Relations)
4. The USFG should significantly increase its troop strength in Afghanistan. (Middle East Policy)
5. The USFG should significantly reduce regulation on sports entertainment. (Grab Bag)
O. Prostitution should be decriminalized.
Q. The USFG should repeal the Helms-Burton Act.
S. American High School music programs should offer studies in heavy metal.
F. The U.N. should place sanctions on Zimbabwe.