Finals: Bishop O'Dowd WZ v. Dougherty Valley KW

Resolution: The USFG should end drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Decision: 10-1 for Bishop O'Dowd WZ

Semifinals: Bishop O'Dowd PV v. Dougherty Valley KW

Resolution: The USFG should raise the federal gas tax. Decision: 6-1 for Dougherty Valley KW.

Semifinals: Peninsula CF v. Bishop O'Dowd WZ (Rebuttals Cut Off)

Resolution: U.S. colleges and universities should not allow military recruiters on campuses. Decision: 7-0 for Bishop O'Dowd WZ.

Quarterfinals: Dougherty Valley KW v. Gunn AP (First 15 Minutes Only)

Resolution: The USFG should guarantee a minimum basic income for all of its citizens. Decision: 2-1 for Dougherty Valley KW.

Quarterfinals: PV Peninsula CF v. Claremont MS

Resolution: The USFG should create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who moved to the U.S. as minors, do not have felony convictions, and enlist to serve four years in the U.S. military. Decision: 3-0 PV Peninsula CF.

Round 7: Dougherty Valley KW v. Bishop O'Dowd PV

Resolution: The American Studies Association should end its boycott of Israel. Decision: 1-1.

Round 7: Independent SS v. Windsor SS (Audio Only)

Resolution: The TOC for the California Cup should discontinue the use of topic areas. Decision: 1-1.

Round 6: Carlsbad HO v. Claremont MS

Resolution: The US federal government should create a tax on the overall wealth on individuals. Decision: 1-1.

Round 5: Lake Oswego SX v. Dougherty Valley KW

Resolution: The USFG should nationalize the U.S. fossil fuel industry. Decision: 2-0 Dougherty Valley KW.

Round 3: Bishop O'Dowd JZ v. Claremont MS

Resolution: In the U.S., the government is justified in limiting the freedom of speech in order to prevent violent backlash against the speaker. Decision 1-1. 

Round 3: PV Peninsula CF v. Granite Bay KO

Resolution: In the US, school administrators should not be allowed to censor student-run school newspapers. Decision: 2-0 for PV Peninsula CF.

Round 3: Bishop O'Dowd WZ v. Sonoma Academy AN

Resolution: The USFG should significantly raise its inflation target. Decision: 2-0 Bishop O'Dowd WZ.

Round 1: Hybrid SS v. Evergreen HZ

Resolution: The USFG should impose economic sanctions on Venezuela. Decision: 2-0 Evergreen HZ.

2014 Parliamentary Debate TOC General Assembly (Audio Only)