A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.

Finals: Bishop O'Dowd AP v. Bishop O'Dowd WZ

Resolution: NATO should carry out a ground force military intervention in Syria. Decision: 3-2 for Bishop O'Dowd AP.

Semifinals: Bishop O'Dowd AP v. Granite Bay HO

Resolution: The USFG should enact the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. Decision: 2-1 Bishop O'Dowd AP.

Round 6: Windsor SZ v. Windsor CC

Resolution: The USFG should end its military aid to the country of Colombia. Decision: 1-1

Round 4: Lynbrook SV v. Bishop O'Dowd CR

Resolution: The TOC for the California Cup should utilize common-knowledge resolutions and prohibit access to the internet during preparation time. 

Round 4: Bishop O'Dowd AP v. Claremont RS

Resolution: Cyprus should default on its debate and leave the Eurozone. 

Round 3: Granite Bay HO v. Santa Rosa DG

Resolution: The USFG should pass a codetermination law requiring that large corporations have at least half of their board of directors elected by their workers.

Round 1: Claremont CX v. Ashland RW

Resolution: The Kurdish Regional Government should declare independence from Iraq. Decision: 2-0 Claremont CX.