A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.

Finals: Saratoga AC v. Los Gatos GS

Resolution: Greece should leave the Eurozone. Decision: 3-2 Los Gatos GS.

Round 7: Bishop O'Loma CM v. Windsor FJ

Decision: 2-0 Bishop O'Loma.

Round 7: Bishop O'Dowd VZ v. Los Gatos GS

Round 4: Bishop O'Dowd AP v. Legitarius DG

Round 3: Simi Valley/Valencia DP v. Dougherty Valley KW

Round 3: Bishop O'Dowd VZ v. Evergreen KP

Round 2: Los Gatos GS v. Legitarius DG

Round 1: Bishop O'Dowd VZ v. Bishop O'Dowd AP

Resolution: The USFG should substantially increase food aid to North Korea. Decision: 2-0 Bishop O'Dowd AP.