A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.



1A. The USFG should significantly increase funding for the research and development of military artificial intelligence.

1B. The USFG should significantly increase funding to modernize its nuclear arsenal.

2A. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes for 2018 will do more harm than good.

2B. The USFG’s suspension of military aid to Pakistan will do more harm than good.

3A. The Department of Education should significantly increase funding for vocational education in high schools with low graduation rates.

3B. The USFG should make publishing in open-access journals a condition for research projects to receive federal funding.

4A. The USFG ought to prioritize marketable skills over family connections in admitting immigrants.

4B. Democratic representatives in the House ought not have voted to pass the recent budget deal without protections for DACA. 

5A. China should eliminate the two-child policy and end all restrictions on family size.

5B. Japan should lower its cap on overtime work hours to 60 hours per month. 

6A. The USFG should significantly increase its restrictions on prescriptions for Schedule II narcotics. 

6B. USFG should significantly raise eligibility ages for social security

T. The USFG should significantly increase the capital gains tax.

DA. The USFG should ban professional football leagues.

DB. The USFG should legalize online sports gambling

OA. The People’s Republic of China should construct a military base in Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor.

OB. The People’s Republic of China should impose trade measures on soybeans imported from the U.S.

Q. The State of California should implement legislation along the lines of Senator Scott Wiener’s SB-827, substantially exempting housing construction near mass transit from zoning restrictions

S. The USFG should increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. 

F.  The USFG should nationalize the Ivy League and other elite academic institutions. 


1A. The USFG ought to prioritize significantly reducing the national debt over the expansion of social programs.

1B. USFG ought to prioritize the protection of free trade deals over the preservation of American jobs.

2A. The USFG should enact mandatory paid parental leave for all companies. 

2B. The USFG should enact a Medicare for all plan.

3A. CA ought to prioritize increasing funding for public schools over the expansion of charter schools. 

3B. CA ought to prioritize funding for highway improvements over funding for high-speed rail projects.

4A. TUSFG should significantly increase the number of US military trainers in Afghanistan.

4B. The USFG should end all drone strikes in Pakistani territory.

5A. The USFG should create a nationwide cap and trade system. 

5B. The USFG should ban hydraulic fracturing. 

DA. Standardized tests harm the quality of education.

DB. Private colleges and universities ought to ban fraternities and sororities.

OA. The USFG should abolish the debt ceiling.

OB. The USFG should ban cryptocurrencies.

Q. ICE should end all contracts with private prisons.

S. The USFG should ban football for minors.

F. The USFG should privatize the US postal service. 



1A. California should pass legislation forcing cities that fail to meet their RHNA housing goals to accept a streamlined housing approval process.

1B. Oregon should end its ban on rent control

2A. All Senate Democrats should filibuster the nomination of Neil Gorsuch

2B. Individuals who oppose Donald Trump’s presidency ought to engage in a national work strike

3A. The USFG should end the use of private military contractors in active combat

3B. Germany should significantly increase its military spending

4A. Liberal democracies ought to significantly increase the strength of their libel and defamation laws

4B. Liberal democracies ought not own or subsidize newspapers, TV channels, or other media sources

5A. NATO should cooperate militarily with Putin in Syria to defeat insurgents and ISIS

5B. NATO should seek the creation of an independent Kurdistan as a foreign policy goal

6A. The USFG ought to prioritize growth over proficiency in setting education policy

6B. The USFG ought to abolish private schools

Triples A: The USFG should significantly increase the federal excise tax on gasoline

Triples B: USFG should allocate seats in the House of Representatives using a system of proportional representation

Doubles A: The Chinese Communist Party should allow candidates from parties other than its own to participate in local and mayoral elections

Doubles B: The USFG should impose new sanctions on Burma

Octos A: South Africa should repeal the Rome Statute

Octos B: The European Union should lift its arms embargo on China

Quarters A: The USFG ought to place significant taxes on the technologies companies use to automate workers’ jobs

Quarters B: Liberal democracies ought to break up large tech monopolies (ex. Google) 

Semis: The EU should repeal the Dublin Regulation

Finals: The USFG should abolish its cap on legal immigration


1A. The USFG should significantly reduce the corporate tax

1B. The USFG should significantly increase the estate tax

2A. On balance, sanctuary cities in the US are good

2B. During the Trump presidency, civil disobedience is an effective mechanism for influencing policy

3A. Congressional bodies ought to have gender and race quotas based on their underlying populations

3B. Parliamentary systems are preferable to representative democracies

4A. Sports leagues should be barred from using public funds for the construction of stadiums

4B. The NCAA should require that colleges pay their athletes a wage

5A. The USFG should ban fracking

5B. The USFG should significantly invest in algae biofuels

Doubles A: The USFG should significantly lower military spending

Doubles B: The USFG should significantly decrease sanctions on Russia

Octas A: The USFG ought to significantly increase funding for public housing

Octas B: Liberal democracies ought to ban all private campaign financing and fund elections publically

Quarters A: The USFG should withdraw from NAFTA

Quarters B: The USFG should substantially increase aid to sub-Saharan Africa

Semis: The USFG should implement single-payer healthcare system

Finals: The USFG should fully subsidize college tuition



Round 1A: The USFG should reinstate the NSA’s bulk data collection program

Round 1B: Industrialized nations ought to admit climate refugees

Round 2A: K-12 curricula are better set by the federal government than states

Round 2B: On balance, economic sanctions on developing nations have done more harm than good

Round 3A: The USFG has a moral obligation to militarily intervene in the fight against ISIS.

Round 3B: Germany should significantly reduce the amount of Syrian refugees it will accept.

Round 4A: The USFG should significantly increase capital gains tax rates.

Round 4B: The influx of upper income groups to urban areas does more harm than good.

Round 5A: EU should grant refugees freedom of movement throughout all member states.

Round 5B: Every nation should have the right to develop and possess nuclear weapons

Round 6A: USFG should allow citizens to put initiatives on the ballot to be voted in a national referendum.

Round 6B: Environmental activists ought not use property destruction to achieve their aims.

Triples: USFG should redirect a significant proportion of money spent on fighting drug crime towards rehabilitating drug users

Doubles A: USFG should withdraw its military presence from South China Sea.

Doubles B: NATO should cooperate with Alawite forces to defeat ISIS and restore Bashar al-Assad to power in Syria.

Octos: Research on artificial intelligence with the end goal of producing sentience ought to be banned.

Quarters: The USFG should lower income tax in favor of a national sales tax.

Semis: The USFG should offer dictators in unstable states diplomatic immunity in return for stepping down from power.

Finals: The USFG should implement a Universal Basic Income.


Round 1A: When in conflict, preserving national security is more important than protecting the due process of individuals abroad.

Round 1B: Standardized tests in school, on balance, do more harm than good.

Round 2A: The USFG should implement a carbon tax.

Round 2B: The USFG should end its military aid to Israel

Round 3A: USFG should end its use of weaponized drones in Pakistan.

Round 3B: USFG should repeal the Second Amendment

Round 4A: USFG should impose a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages

Round 4B: When educational resources are limited, schools should prioritize math and science courses to the exclusion of liberal arts

Round 5A: USFG should significantly increase the top income tax bracket in the United States.

Round 5B: The USFG should make voting mandatory.

Doubles A: USFG should cease its support for non-democratic governments in the Middle East

Doubles B: the usfg should pass a constitutional amendment to ban homeschooling.

Octos: The USFG should make it illegal for interns to be unpaid.

Quarters: The USFG should significantly increase the federal minimum wage.

Semis: USFG should require that non-covert military operations be approved by a public referendum.

Finals: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration should substantially increase its investment in military operations in space.


~ China and India should have the same burden as the West in combating climate change.
TH should establish an international minimum wage.
TH prefers life over liberty.
TH prefers capitalism over socialism.
TH prefers good health over wealth.
TH prefers action over discourse.
TH prefers the carrot over the stick.
When dealing with mental health care, TH prefers therapy to pharmaceuticals.
Change is too often mistaken for progress.
TH prefers action over discourse.
Africa should solve its own problems.
THS prohibit genetically modified food sources.
Prominent people should enjoy the right to privacy.
THS start school later in the day.
The USFG should permit the president a third term.
The EU should not tolerate attacks within its territory by organized terrorist organizations.
Lethal force is justified if the target is a terrorist.
Obama is the most polarizing president ever.
Music is the more influential than literature.
Palestinians should accept complete demilitarization in return for a guaranteed sovereign state.
Memory does more harm than good.
When in conflict, international regulations should be preferred over government regulations.
TH prefers giving over receiving.
Globalization has done more harm than good.
USFG should reform the federal tax code.
It is time to reinvent the USFG.
The USFG should allow market based organ donation.
TH prefers following your consciousness over following the law.
US Foreign policy is too little and too late.


1A1. The USFG would repeal the payroll tax cut
1A2. TH would reform the presidential candidate selection process.
1A3. The USFG should boost domestic manufacturing.
1B1. The USFG should loosen the restrictions on women in combat roles.
1B2. The USFG should reform presidential elections.
1B3. TH would freeze federal employee pay raises.
2A1. TH prefers Steven Colbert over Jon Stewart.
2A2. TH values the quality of life over the length of life.
2A3. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
2B1. Th prefers truth over belief.
2B2. TH values pragmatism over humanism.
2B3. President Obama has done more harm than good.
3A1. The United States overemphasizes individual rights.
3A2. Hunor is the most important human trait.
3A3. Jason Bourne would defeat James Bond.
3B1. Darth Vader had the right idea.
3B2. Politics is too negative.
3B3. Batman would defeat Spiderman
4A1. How you play the game ought to be more important than winning the game.
4A2. TH prefers the past over the future.
4A3. TH prefers Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney.
4B1. Dramatic failure is more useful than mild success.
4B2. TH prefers being beautiful over being clever.
4B3. TH prefers the Republican Party over the Democratic Party.
5A1. The Palestinians should have their own state.
5A2. The current U.S. foreclosure deal in incomplete.
5A3. Love is foolish.
5B1. The U.S. should intervene in the Sudan.
5B2. The “Occupy Movement” has failed.
5B3. Keep it simple.
DA. The USFG should subsidize the study of science, math, and energy.
DB. The USFG should levy a tax on junk mail.
DC. The USFG should end sanctions on Cuba.
OA. Greed is good.
OB. Labor unions no longer benefit the American worker.
OC. China is ripe for a revolution.
QA. The USFG should forgive all student loans.
QB. The USFG should reform immigration policy.
QC. The USFG should significantly reduce funding to energy innovation programs.
F. Capitalism rejects morality.


1A1. ~USFG would not extend the Patriot Act
1A2. The USFG would cut off funds for NPR and PBS
1A3. ~USFG would intervene in the NFL Labor dispute
1B1. U.S. colleges should limit the number of Communist China students.
1B2. The USFG would implement would implement a universal smart phone program for all citizens.
1B3. High schools would abolish their community service requirements.
2A1. When he was governor, Schwarzenegger did more harm than good
2A2. Increased taxes are preferable to increased deficits
2A3. TH values mercy over justice
2B1. Mubarak’s resignation does more harm than good
2B2. TH prefers protectionism over free trade
2B3. TH values life over liberty
3A1. Micheal Vick is the posterchild for the contemporary American athlete
3A2. American life resembles a giant all-you-can-eat buffet
3A3. THBT periodic revolutions benefit society
3B1. This house believes lying is acceptable in politics
3B2. This house believes the individual doesn’t matter
3B3. This house believes that everyone has a price
4A1. The USFG would create a high speed rail network
4A2. The USFG should adopt a policy to promote economic stability.
4A3. The USFG should regulate social networking sites
4B1. The USFG would take over commercial airlines
4B2. TH would pass a constitutional balanced budget amendment.
4B3. TH would match executive compensation to the risks they take on.
5A1. TH prefers chaos to order.
5A2. Debate is inherently unethical.
5A3. U.S. presidents should be allowed a third term.
5B1. TH prefers the quality of life to the length of life.
5B2. The search for meaning is unsuccessful.
5B3. Supreme Court justices would be elected.