A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.

2016 Resolutions

Round I - Education:

  1. US Public Schools should provide students free access to condoms.
  2. Public money should not be used to fund private charter schools.
  3. High Stakes testing is harmful to public education.


Round II - Environment:

  1. The use of fossil fuels is more harmful than beneficial.
  2. Cities should have the right to legislate their own environmental regulations.
  3. The US should expand offshore oil drilling.


Round III - Second Amendment:

  1. US Cities should have the right to regulate guns within their boundaries.
  2. Open carry should be limited.
  3. The Second Amendment is absolute in the US.


Round IV - First Amendment:

  1. US citizens should be allowed to take selfies in voting booths during elections.
  2. The freedom of the press harms public elections.
  3. The right to protest in the US is harmful to democracy.