A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


Round 1: This house believes that the voting age should be lowered to seventeen.

Round 2: This house believes that the future of space travel belongs to private corporations.

Round 3: This house believes that American media ought to reform to restore their credibility.

Quarters: This house believes that strength is a higher value than honesty.

Semis: This house believes that the benefits of nationalism outweigh the detriments.

Finals: This house believes that Antonin Scalia had a positive impact on American jurisprudence.


Round 1: The US should deal with the refugee crisis.

Round 2: Governments should privilege environmental protection over economic profit.

Round 3: The US should substantially limit standardized testing in schools.

Quarters: The US should require citizens to vote.

Sems: Media monopolies are bad for American society.

Finals: This house believes meat consumption is unsustainable.