A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


1. TH believes the U.S. should significantly fund women’s only tech companies

2. TH supports the creation and use of lethal, autonomous robots

3. TH should pay all elected officials the median wage in their country

4. TH supports 2-party political systems over multi-party political systems

5. TH will ban for-profit universities and colleges

6A. The USFG should increase funding and licensing for a nuclear repository.

6B. This house would fix the locks.

6C. This house prefers joining the girl scouts to the boy scouts.

Semis 1. The NFL should not penalize first amendment exercise for players.

Semis 2. The USFG should diplomatically engage with the Cuban government to advocate a democratic system

Semis 3. The USFG should abandon the Common Core Standards Initiative

Finals 1. This house would prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes.

Finals 2. This house would ban video games in which the player engages in brutal violence in a realistic setting.

Finals 3. The USFG should abolish teacher tenure for public schools


1A. The United States should substantially reduce its military aid to the Philippines.

1B. The United States should substantially reduce its military aid to Israel.

2A. Resolved: American Citizens ought to vote Third Party.

2B. Resolved: The media ought to give less press coverage to the Presidential Candidates.

3A. Resolved: The Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership trade agreement does more harm than good.

3B. Resolved: Brexit will do more harm than good to the international economy.

4A. Institutions of higher learning should eliminate the SAT as a condition of admissions.

4B. The USFG should make community college free for all students.

5A. The California voters ought to vote for Proposition 56

5B. The California voters ought to vote for Proposition 58.

6A. Resolved: Saving the honey bee from extinction should be a top priority.

6B. Resolved: Ending the practice of fracking should be a top priority.

OA. Resolved: The international community ought to do more to help refugees.

OB. Resolved: The international community ought to do more to help the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Q. The USFG should stop construction on the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.

S. Resolved: U.S.-Russia military cooperation in Syria poses more risk than reward

F. Resolved: The memeification of Harambe does more harm than good.



1A. The USFG should repeal the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement. 

1B. The US Congress should lift the Cuban embargo. 

2A. The US should eliminate the electoral college.

2B. The USFG should pass substantial campaign finance reform.

3A. The USFG should mobilize military ground forces against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 

3B. The USFG should substantially increase the amount of refugees admitted to the United States. 

4A. The USFG should approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

4B. The United Sates should establish a tax on carbon emissions.

5A. The EU should stop adding new members. 

5B. The United States should provide troops to United Nations peacekeeping operations. 

6A. The USFG should establish a comprehensive national gun control registry.

6B. The US should provide troops to UN peacekeeping operations. 

O.A. The USFG should ban the construction of new nuclear power plants in the United States.

O.B. The USFG should substantially reduce sentencing for nonviolent drug offenses. 

Q.A. The USFG should significantly increase the budget for manned space exploration. 

Q.B. The US should significantly increase its investment in electric vehicle recharging stations.

S. The USFG should repeal the common core curriculum. 

F. The United States should establish a nationwide tax on carbon emissions.


Round 1: TH Stands that martial law is never justififed.
Round 2: TH Stands that Congress should approve all military action that puts American armed forces in harm’s way.
Round 3: TH Stands that experience should be valued above formal education.
Round 4: TH Stands that government surveillance is justified to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil.
Round 5: TH Stands that the USFG should repeal all economic sanctions on Iran.
Round 6: TH Stands that targeted killing of foreign targets is never justified.
Octafinals: TH believes that the needs of the poor outweigh the needs of the rich.
Quarterfinals: The USFG should ban the sale and possession of assault weapons.
Semifinals: TH Stands that debate is more valuable than discourse.
Finals: TH Stands that the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers prevents tyranny.