A history of high school parliamentary debate from 2012-2018.


Round 1
USFG should militarily strike Israel.
USFG should send material aid to Syrian rebels.
USFG should cease its use of unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver military strikes.
Round 2
The State of Israel should relinquish all lands taken beyond the 1948 UN Mandate.
Northern Ireland should leave the UK and join the Republic of Ireland.
Russia should grant secession to Chechnya.
Round 3
USFG should take action to prevent human trafficking.
USFG should indefinitely suspend the use of armed unmanned aerial vehicles.
USFG should give back the land.
Round 4
SCOTUS should rule that SYG laws are unconstitutional.
SCOTUS should rule that state same-sex union bans are unconstitutional.
SCOTUS should rule Texas’s omnibus abortion law, House Bill No. 2, unconstitutional.
USFG should invade DPRK.
USFG should accede to the PRC’s territorial claims in the South China Sea.
USFG should diplomatically censure the Commonwealth of Austrialia over its immigration detention camps in Papua New Guinea.
Afghanistan should sign the US-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Alliance.
USFG should substantially increase its military presence in Afghanistan.
NATO should substantially decrease its military presence in Afghanistan.
USFG should ratify CTBT.
USFG should ratify UNCLOS.
USFG should ratify CCBW. (used in the round)


1A. The United States should decrease its consumption of foreign oil.
1B. The United States should pass a policy to increase private sector jobs.
1C. The United States should repeal No Child Left Behind.
2A. The US should legalize gay unions on a federal scale.
2B. The US should amend the constitution to enforce equal pay for equal work.
2C. The US should eliminate its nuclear weapons.
3A. When in conflict, profits should be valued over environmental protection.
3B. The letter of the law should be considered superior to the spirit of the law.
3C. When in conflict, security ought to be valued over liberty.
4A. Oregon should subsidize college tuition for resident students.
4B. Oregon should pass a law banning dropping out of high school.
4C. Oregon should repeal the ‘death with dignity’ policy.
5A. The USFG should lower the speed limit to 55 mph.
5B. The USFG should sell 50% of the federal forests.
5C. The USFG should add a 51st state.
6A. The US should open its borders.
6B. The US should pass a comprehensive immigration reform policy.
6C. The US should pass the DREAM act.