Sierra Maciorowski

Dalton/Horace Mann hybrid wins Vassar

Sierra Maciorowski
Dalton/Horace Mann hybrid wins Vassar

November 4th saw the arrival of 46 teams, split across varsity and novice divisions, in Poughkeepsie, New York, for the second annual Vassar College Invitational. The varsity division broke four teams to semifinals after five preliminary rounds. The novice division substituted an additional preliminary round for a quarterfinals break.

Finals for varsity resulted in a close 3-2 victory for the Dalton/Horace Mann hybrid pair of Hart Rapaport & George Loewenson over Horace Mann’s Amman Kejela & Julia Robbins. Rapaport & Loewenson affirmed the resolution, “This house believes that the government of Brazil should contact uncontacted Amazonian tribes.” 

Both teams finished their preliminary rounds with 5-0 records, and in the semifinals each beat Regis pairs, with Matthew Majsak & Aidan Woutas and Nick Drury & Colin Adamo falling to Dalton/Horace Mann and Horace Mann, respectively. 

The variety of resolutions at the tournament kept participants to consider new subjects. 
“[They] varied from things you think about a lot to topics that really force you to expand your knowledge,” Loewenson said. “[Some I] really hadn’t thought about ever.”  

Majsak earned a first place speaker score, followed by Robbins. Immaculate/Hive’s Owen Tanzer, Rapaport, and Immaculate/Hive’s Haven Hunt rounded out the top five. 

The novice division similarly ended in victory for Horace Mann, with the team’s Eli Bacon & Nelson Gaillard taking a 3-0 decision over Schreiber’s Gabriel Chu & Julianna Marinelli. Bacon & Gaillard dominated their division, winning every ballot throughout the day, including outrounds. The top novice speakers were Potomac’s Sophia Meng, Chu, and Bacon.
In an email to tournament participants after the event, tab director Everett Rutan discussed plans to expand Vassar in the future. “[We could] extend the tournament to a Saturday-Sunday event,” he said. This would give the East Coast its second multi-day national tournament, after the Yale Invitational.

The next East Coast parli circuit tournament, run by the New York Parliamentary Debate League, will be held on December 16 at New York City’s Thomas Edison High School.     


Dalton/Horace Mann Hart Rapaport & George Loewenson def. Regis Matthew Majsak &    Aidan Woutas (3-0)

Horace Mann Amman Kejela & Julia Robbins def. Regis Nick Drury & Colin Adamo (3-0)

Dalton/Horace Mann Rapaport & Loewenson def. Horace Mann Kejela & Robbins (3-2)            

Our East Coast correspondents are Haven Hunt, who debates for Immaculate High School, Paul Kim, who debates for Ridgefield High School, and Hart Rapaport, who debates for the Dalton School.