Hannah Doyle

Prospect Triumphs at Robert D. Clark Invitational

Hannah Doyle
Prospect Triumphs at Robert D. Clark Invitational

Affirming the resolution “The USFG should substantially reform its immigration system,” Prospect’s Novia Dattatri & Vikram Dattatri championed over Hood River Valley’s Mason Leavitt & Erick Lizama on a 3-0 decision at the the University of Oregon's Robert D. Clark Invitational. Both teams went undefeated throughout the four preliminary rounds, with Dattatri & Dattatri only dropping one ballot the entire tournament in their semifinals round. 

Starting February 16th, the two day tournament drew 31 entries in open division parliamentary debate, consisting of Oregon teams and and four teams from Prospect High School in California. This year, Robert D. Clark saw significant growth from 22 open teams in 2017 to 31 this year, and from 18 to 25 junior varsity teams. 

Having run on time, the tournament received positive comments from competitors. “Overall, the Robert D. Clark Invitational was a very refreshing experience for us as California debaters," said champion Vikram Dattatri. "The tournament was extremely well organized; there were no judge issues, every round was on time and Tabroom was promptly updated.”

Within debate rounds, Oregon and California debaters adjusted to new styles of debate when competing against each other.  “The debates themselves were the most intriguing part of the tournament: having no Internet prep was a little foreign to us, as California debaters," said Vikram Dattatri. "But once we were in the round, we really enjoyed the lack of Internet cutting off the infinite access to statistics and arguments. Having only our own knowledge to debate with, and later even winning the tournament with it, was truly a humbling and affirming experience.”

“It was definitely interesting to experience the culture clash between California and Oregon parli," said semifinalist Elijah Moon, who regularly competes on the Oregon circuit. "There is certainly a gap in progressiveness and evidentiary standard, even our standard weighing mechanisms cause divide.”

With Robert D. Clark, the invitational season in Oregon has ended, leaving only the qualifying competitions for the Oregon State Championship and NSDA Nationals.


Hood River Valley Mason Leavitt & Erick Lizama def. Prospect Shreya Agarwal & Daniel Voskoboynik (3-0)

Prospect Novia Dattatri & Vikram Dattatri def. Wilson Fletcher Calcagno & Elijah Moon (2-1)


Prospect Dattatri & Dattatri def. Hood River Valley Leavitt & Lizama (3-0)

Full results here.

Our Oregon correspondents are Hannah Doyle, who competes for Ashland High School, and Gabriel Graville, who competes for Lake Oswego High School.