Gabriel Graville

Cleveland Dominates Grant's Pass

Gabriel Graville
Cleveland Dominates Grant's Pass

The weekend of February 17th, Grants Pass High School hosted the Logan Will invitational.  With a total of 48 entries in parliamentary debate, Logan Will was one of the largest tournaments of the year for the Oregon circuit. 

The tournament had three prelim rounds and a fourth round that doubled as hidden semifinals, and culminated in a final round between Cleveland’s Quinn Samouilidis & Henry Hawking and St. Mary's Sean Hicks & Kristian Walker. Samoulidis & Hawking won on a 3-0 decision, affirming the resolution that "The media’s right to protect confidential sources is more important than the public’s right to know."

Cleveland’s Quinn Samoulidis was in favor of the hidden semis, stating “there are a lot of new teams there who could use the rounds” but took issue with the amount of prelim rounds. Even single day tournaments generally fit in at least 3 prelim rounds in northern Oregon, so the tournament felt lacking for some competitors. "I don't see why a two day tournament can't have more than 3 prelim round[s]," said Henry Hawking, also from Cleveland.  

Debaters at the Logan Will invitational were also treated to only fact and value resolutions. “Fact/value resolutions suck because it removes a lot of skill out of debate," said Samoulidis. "Plans, CP's, K's etc all are ways to prove you're better than the other team and they don't exist with those kind of res[olutions].” Typically, debaters in Oregon see a variety of policy, fact/value, and moral topics.

The tournament ran fairly on time and many northern Oregon schools came down to southern Oregon for the event. With high attendance by Portland area schools at a tournament all the way across the state — a four hour drive — the Oregon circuit continues to expand and develop. 


Cleveland Quinn Samoulidis & Henry Hawking def. Lake Oswego Sonja Bergstrom & Chris Sun

St Mary's Sean Hicks & Kristian Walker def. North Bend Megan Farmer and Jessi Jacquot



Cleveland Samoulidis & Hawking def. St Mary's Sean Hicks & Kristian Walker (3-0)

Our Oregon correspondents are Hannah Doyle, who competes for Ashland High School, and Gabriel Graville, who competes for Lake Oswego High School.