Gabriel Graville

Southridge victorious at Hap Hingston Invitational

Gabriel Graville
Southridge victorious at Hap Hingston Invitational

On January 12th and 13th, Pacific University hosted its annual debate tournament, the Hap Hingston invitational. Taking place in Forest Grove, Oregon, the tournament held four preliminary rounds and broke to quarterfinals. In the final round, Southridge’s Jakob Hollenbeck & Joey Miller defeated Wilson’s Fletcher Calcagno & Elijah Moon, negating the resolution that “When in conflict, science ought to be held above morals.”

Competitors had high praise for the Hap Hingston Invitational. “Pacific ran really, really on time," said Miller. "I was thoroughly impressed with how excellent an experience we had.” Miller also appreciated the diversity of awards, since they awarded a separate small-school sweepstakes award.

In addition to sweepstakes awards, Pacific also offered quality awards, awarded to schools based on the total sweepstakes points won divided by the number of entries a school has— a welcome change on the Oregon circuit. 

“The quality award isn't specific to the size of the team," said tournament director Daniel Broyles. "It just gives a chance for any highly successful team to earn an award, regardless of how many entries they have.” This does seem to benefit small schools: by having the awards be based upon total number of entries and points earned it becomes more possible for smaller teams to hold their own against schools with a large number of entries.

However, the award is still accessible for both small and large schools, with squads of varying sizes earning it in the past, according to Broyles.

Editor's Note: Information on quarterfinals and semifinals has not yet been released by the tournament. This article will be updated with complete elimination round information when possible. 


Southridge HM def. Lakeridge AM

Bandon Speech SK def. Wilson MS

Cleveland HS def. Lincoln GM

Wilson CM def. South Albany NS


Southridge HM def. Bandon Speech SK

Wilson CM def. Cleveland HS


Southridge HM def. Wilson CM

Our Oregon correspondents are Hannah Doyle, who competes for Ashland High School, and Gabriel Graville, who competes for Lake Oswego High School.