Shannon Bonet

Redlands Claims Claremont Wolfpack Invitational

Shannon Bonet
Redlands Claims Claremont Wolfpack Invitational

The Claremont Wolfpack Invitational, hosted by Claremont High School, culminated in a final round between Redland’s Ian Finley & Duncan Glover and Stockdale’s Warren Alphonso & Rishi Shah. Affirming the resolution, Finley & Duncan prevailed on a 2-1 decision.

Spanning over 3 days, the invitational commenced on Friday, January 5th in the afternoon, allowing for an early Sunday evening finish. With 58 entries, Claremont expanded its field size from last year’s 41 entries. The tournament attracted a record number of northern California teams, making up 31% of the field.

With 6 preliminary rounds, only 2 teams emerged with perfect records. Campolindo’s Shannon Bonet & Krish Visht emerged top seed, with iLEAD North Hollywood’s Matthew Alberti & Daniel Timor placing second. Similar to previous years, the tournament broke to partial octofinals, where a portion of lower-seeded teams competed for the break to octofinals.

In speaker awards, Redlands' Caroline Irving secured first place, with Bonet placing second. Third place was awarded to Bonita Vista’s Diego de la Rosa.

There were various opinions from debaters regarding the topic areas. "I thought the topics were pretty fair except for the fact rounds," said South Torrance's Saaketh Tirumala, who reached octofinals. "Aff teams had to argue against objective truths like how [the] cryptocurrencies usage rate is rising more and more and I think that took a lot of good teams out. In general, I feel like we should get rid of fact resolutions and have opinion resolutions instead because it's easier to convince a judge that your opinion is right instead of proving/disproving a fact." 

However, not all debaters felt so strongly. "I’d say the topics were ok," said Nueva's Rajeev Sharma, a quarterfinalist. "I think the policy prelim topics were ok, though I really enjoyed the outround topics. I’d say the tournament had pretty good fact and value topics."


Campolindo's Shannon Bonet & Krish Visht def. Northwood's William Choi & Manav Manivannan (3-0) 

Bentley's Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar def. Global Prep's Chretien Li & Ryan Pugh (3-0) 

Redland's Renata Shammo & Farzeneh Talebi def.  Samuel Lyons & Sofia Wyszynski (2-1) 

Stockdale's Warren Alphonso & Rishi Shah def. Berkeley/Bentley Talia Wolf-Jacobs & Irene Partsuf (2-1)

Mission Vista's Katherine McGraw & Raquel Parizeau def. Los Altos's Shirley Cheng & Zooey Nguyen (2-1)

Los Altos' Alex Wong & William Zeng def. South Torrance's Tyler Shibata & Saaketh Tirumala (2-1) 

Redland's Ian Finley & Duncan Glover def. Los Altos/Bellarmine Luke DiMartino & Jodie Bhattacharya (2-1) 

Nueva's Andrew Chu & Rajeev Sharma def. iLEAD's Matthew Alberti & Daniel Timor (3-0) 



Campolindo's Bonet & Visht def. Bentley's Booth & Pracar (3-0) 

Stockdale's Alphonso & Shah def. Redland's Shammo & Talebi (2-1) 

Mission Vista's McGraw & Parizeau def. Los Altos's Wong & Zeng (2-1) 

Redland's Finley & Glover def. Nueva's Chu & Sharma (2-1) 



Redland's FG def. Campolindo BV (2-1) 

Stockdale's AS def. Mission Vista's MP (3-0) 



Redland's FG def. Stockdale's AS (2-1)