Hannah Doyle

Beaverton takes the Championship at Jean Ward Invitation

Hannah Doyle
Beaverton takes the Championship at Jean Ward Invitation

On January 20th in Portland, Oregon, 34 varsity parliamentary debate teams convened to compete at the annual Jean Ward Invitational on the Lewis and Clark College campus. In finals, affirming the resolution “The USFG should increase investments in renewable energy,” Beaverton’s Evan Hunter & Elana Welter defeated Cleveland’s Henry Hawking & Quinn Samoulidis on a 3-0 decision. 

After six preliminary rounds, a rare occurrence in Oregon, ten teams broke to a partial octofinals round while the three top teams advanced straight to quarterfinals. 

The novice division was significantly smaller with only 12 entries. Three South Eugene teams advanced to semifinals, leading to a close out between South Eugene's Oliver Loreto & Arvind Mahadevan and Zoe Chihorek & Nora Sherman. 

According to several debaters, the Jean Ward resolutions were very similar to resolutions they had experienced in California. “[I] thought the topics were solid," said Cleveland's Henry Hawking, a tournament finalist. "Most rounds had two different should resolutions and a more value focused resolution." According to Wilson's Elijah Moon, those resolutions were "substantially more big stick, including a few more international topics," like ending the use of UN peacekeepers, in addition to  ending the war on drugs, and a move towards prison abolition. 

"There were a lot of good policy resolutions, but some were a little too specific for Oregon-prep,” said Ashland's Sarah Aaronson. Oregon tournaments do not allow the use of the internet or files during prep time. Aaronson and Hawking both said it was one of the best Oregon tournaments they had attended so far this year. 

Other competitors commented positively on the experience level of the judges they had. Cleveland’s Quinn Samoulidis said, “all the panels from quarters onwards were stacked with qualified judges, which is very rare in Oregon.” There was also a noticeable increase in the use of critical arguments and theory in round, which could be a reflection of the more advanced judging pool.

Due to their successes at Jean Ward, Calcagno & Moon and Hawking & Samoulidis became the third and fourth Oregon team to qualify for parliamentary TOC. 


Westview Advaith Nair & Austin Wang def. Ashland Annika Larson & Sienna Scoggin (2-1) 

Beaverton Evan Hunter & Elana Welter def. Sprague Shinoa Greenfield & Claire Warncke (3-0) 

Lake Oswego Gabriel Graville & Alex Li def. Westview Kira Cyr & Ethan Hiser (2-1)

Cleveland Henry Hawking & Quinn Samoulidis def. South Eugene Nate Tavakolian & Jimmy Wang (2-1)

Wilson Fletcher Calcagno & Elijah Moon def. Crescent Jay Archer & Todd Meng (3-0)

Greshamn-Barlow Alyssa Elwell & Kanen McReynolds BYE

Wilson Chester Mantel & Aidan Snodgrass-Ward BYE

Ashland Sarah Aaronson & Maya Davis BYE


Beaverton Hunter & Welter def. Greshamn-Barlow Elwell & McReynolds (2-1)

Lake Oswego Graville & Li def. Wilson Mantel & Snodgrass-Ward (3-0)

Cleveland Hawking & Samoulidis def. Westview Nair & Wang (3-0)

Wilson Calcagno & Moon def. Ashland Aaronson & Davis (3-0)


Beaverton HW def. Wilson CM (2-1)

Cleveland HS def. Lake Oswego GL (3-0)


Beaverton HW def. Cleveland HS (3-0)

Our Oregon correspondents are Hannah Doyle, who competes for Ashland High School, and Gabriel Graville, who competes for Lake Oswego High School.