Sierra Maciorowski

Inaugural board elected for Point of Information Foundation

Sierra Maciorowski
Inaugural board elected for Point of Information Foundation

As the Point of Information non-profit transition process concludes, it's time to announce the newly elected board members for the 2017-2018 season. 

Trevor Greenan, President

Trevor Greenan is a current student at UC Berkeley, where he has directed the student-run NPDA debate team, Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley, since 2015. Trevor competed in NPDA debate for three years on the team and qualified to the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence twice, while also serving as Head Coach and Director of the program. He also competed for Speech at Berkeley, the student-run speech team, in both prepared and limited prep events. In high school, he competed for three years on Santa Rosa High School's parliamentary debate team. Trevor is currently coaching for Campolindo high school for his second year, and has previously provided assistant coaching for Berkeley High and Santa Rosa. He also serves as the Managing Publisher for The Daily Californian, the independent, student-run paper at Berkeley. He is majoring in Rhetoric and Sociology, with an intended minor in Linguistics.

Rishabh Meswani, Secretary

A freshman at the University of California, Berkeley studying Data Science, Computer Science, and Economics, Rishabh has been debating competitively for 6 years. As Irvington High School's Debate President, he lead his student-run team to 4th place in the national rankings, hosted the inaugural Vikings Invitational, and helped his team grow to 170 members. Rishabh is also the founder of Fremont Debate Academy, a IRS certified non-profit that aims to spread debate education internationally. So far, the non-profit has taught Middle School Debate to over 500 students, and has established competitive leagues in several states and Mumbai, India. Rishabh hopes to use his expertise on non-profits to help this organization succeed, and to establish a platform for parliamentary debate to grow expansively across the nation.

Artem Raskin, Treasurer

Artem Raskin is a history teacher, social studies department chair, and debate club adviser at Washington High School (WHS). He currently serves as president of the Coast Forensic League (CFL). Artem was previously the parliamentary debate captain at Lynbrook High School, debate club president at UC Davis, and director of speech and debate at Evergreen Valley High School (EVHS). Artem's students have won SCU, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the Tournament of Champions. From his administrative work at the CFL, WHS, and EVHS, Artem has experience working with debate nonprofit budgets, government paperwork, and tax filings. As treasurer, he hopes to make POI Foundation finances transparent to all members, easy for schools to work with, and compliant with the law.

Julie Herman, TOC Director

Julie is currently the Head Coach of the Mountain View-Los Altos District Speech & Debate Team, and has been running teams and coaching for almost seven years, after parli careers in high school and college. She presided over major streamlining of the judging and communications systems at the Santa Clara tournaments, and co-directed the inaugural Girls Invitational last year. Both as a coach and as a public-facing tournament staffer, she is familiar with guiding parents, students, and coaches through all aspects of the tournament process. She has also run the TOC student forum for the past two years, and looks forward to using the experience gained from those sessions to make the TOC a more transparent institution to the community through surveys and online discussions.

Sarah Sherwood, Outreach Director

Sarah Sherwood has been the Director of Forensics at Servite High School for the last seven years. In community college, she debated in NPDA–style parli for three years and found both success and a passion for the event. When she is not taking her students to tournaments, she can be found in tabrooms up and down the coast, and is currently the President of the Orange County Speech League. She hopes to use her connections in the debate community to help parli flourish in the world of high school debate, both in and out of California. 

Sierra Maciorowski, Website Director

Sierra Maciorowski joined POI in 2014 as editor of the opinion page, served as editor-in-chief and web admin for two years, and continues this year as website director. In high school, she debated for Sonoma Academy, where she also served as editor-in-chief of her school newspaper. Sierra competed for the Santa Rosa Junior College in NPDA, and now attends Stanford University, where she competes for the Stanford Debate Society in APDA and BP. As a double-major in Science, Technology and Society, and English, Sierra's emphasis is on communication in all forms, and she looks forward to continuing her work to make parliamentary debate well-documented, well-organized, and successful. In addition to her work with Point of Information, Sierra coaches the Mountain View - Los Altos parliamentary debate team and private students, serves as the Coast Forensic League's Vice President of Topics, and directs the POI Debate Institute. 

For more information on the board positions, visit the Membership page and bylaws.