Karl Moeglein

Sprague takes OSAA Championship for First Time since 2011

Karl Moeglein
Sprague takes OSAA Championship for First Time since 2011

Two years after reaching the final round at the OSAA Championship, Sprague’s Arika Harrison, now with a new partner in Kenneth Leja, finally claimed victory at state with a 3-0 win against Marist’s Emily Jewitt & Angela Agnew.

Held annually at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, this year's OSAA Championship had a strong field of 43 teams this year. After four preliminary rounds, it took a 2-2 record and 2.75 average opponent wins, the new tie breaker after a rule change passed at the last state tournament, to break to octofinals. Three teams were undefeated after prelims. Ashland’s Karl Moeglein & Hannah Doyle were the top seed, followed by Grants Pass’ Lucy Roberts & Zeke Medley, and Ashland’s John Ropp & Rob Stallman.

Known for its unpredictable outrounds, the OSAA Championship continued on its legacy. In octofinals only the top three seeds and eight seed were able to escape as the higher seeded team in their round. In quarters the drama continued when Roberts & Medley proceeded to drop to 10th seeded Jewitt & Agnew while Ropp & Stallman were stalled by the 11th seed Cleveland’s Henry Hawking & Quinn Samoulidis. Semifinals saw the 13th seeded Harrison & Leja drop the top seeded Moeglein & Doyle on a 2-1 while Jewitt & Agnew passed Hawking & Samoulidis also on a split decision.

In the final round, Harrison & Leja successfully negated the resolution, "This house would remove President Bashar Assad from power." Jewitt & Agnew struggled to defend the specifics of how Assad would be removed and the pair from Sprague strategically argued that while Assad is bad, deposition is the wrong option. The win is the first in OSAA's parli division for Sprague since 2011, when Nizar Ajanovic & Daniel Silberman were champions.


Ashland Karl Moeglein & Hannah Doyle def. Century Hunter Buen & Umair Khan

Sprague Arika Harrison & Kenneth Leja def. Southridge Julia Dayton &  Joey Miller

Cleveland Henry Hawking & Quinn Samoulidis def Ashland John Ropp & Rob Stallman

Marist Emily Jewitt & Angela Agnew def. Grants Pass Lucy Roberts & Zeke Medley


Sprague Harrison & Leja def. Ashland Moeglein & Doyle

Marist Jewitt & Agnew def. Cleveland Hawking & Samoulidis


Sprague Harrison & Leja def. Marist Jewitt & Agnew