Karl Moeglein

Hybrid Pair Claims Inaugural Title at Ashland 4x4

Karl Moeglein
Hybrid Pair Claims Inaugural Title at Ashland 4x4

The round robin format has long been used by select tournaments to allow top teams to compete against each other. In the past few years, several tournaments have adopted this style of six or eight groups of four, dubbed 6x4s and 8x4s. These tournaments, run by Point of Information, had always taken place in Northern California, with Northern California teams.

The Club Parli 4x4: State of Jefferson Edition looked to break out of that mold by hosting a round robin style tournament in Oregon with a mix of Oregon and California teams. The winner of the tournament was in this spirit, with the hybrid team of Ashland’s Karl Moeglein and Bishop O’Dowd’s Claudia Hester successfully negating the resolution that "The Federal Reserve should lower the federal funds rate," against Ashland’s John Ropp & Rob Stallman on a 2-1 decision.

Left to right: Claudia Hester, Karl Moeglein, John Ropp, and Rob Stallman pose with awards.

Left to right: Claudia Hester, Karl Moeglein, John Ropp, and Rob Stallman pose with awards.

The tournament began the night of January 28 with a single round instead of the scheduled two, after the Grizzly Invitational that preceded it ran late. This meant that January 29 was packed with eight rounds of debate. Each partnership debated on the affirmative and negative against the other three teams in their pod of four teams. The top team from each pod, along with two wild card teams, broke to a partial quarterfinal, with the top two seeds in the tournament awarded byes to the semifinals. Hester & Moeglein were the only team with a perfect preliminary record and thus the top seed. The other team receiving a bye was CK McClatchy’s Amos Karlson & Ben Schwartz, who had a record of 5-1 and were the third and fourth speakers for the tournament.

The pair of quarterfinal rounds saw both wildcard teams defeat teams who advanced by winning their own pods. Ropp & Stallman defeated Oak Hill’s Beau Taylor-Ladd & Conrad Sproul while Ashland’s Brayden Preskenis & Dylan Kistler took down Bishop O’Dowd’s Sanah Basrai & Alden O’Rafferty. Instead of having two semifinals, there was only one after Schwartz & Karlson forfeited their round to return to Sacramento, leaving Ropp & Stallman with a bye to finals and a semifinal between Hester & Moeglein and Preskenis & Kistler to determine their opponent.

On a 3-0 decision in semifinals, Hester & Moeglein negated the resolution the United States federal government should ban the use of for-profit detention centers. The round came down to an issue of topicality, with Hester & Moeglein successfully arguing that the affirmation's plan allowed for future private prisons to exist. This set up a final round between Moeglein & Hester and Ropp & Stallman that began late Sunday night.

Ropp & Stallman read a generic affirmative on the topic about interest rates, but then, after Moeglein explained in the first negation constructive that the plan would lead to economic collapse, extended the negation's impact and argued that the collapse of the economy was good. The strategy left Hester & Moeglein with 13 minutes to answer, while Stallman only had 5 minutes to answer the arguments made in the block, and was unable to do so. 


Ashland John Ropp & Rob Stallman def. Oak Hill’s Beau Taylor-Ladd & Conrad Sproul (3-0)

Ashland Brayden Preskenis & Dylan Kistler def Bishop O’Dowd Sanah Basrai & Alden O’Rafferty (3-0)


Ashland/Bishop O’Dowd Karl Moeglein & Claudia Hester def. Ashland Brayden Preskenis & Dylan Kistler (3-0)


Ashland/Bishop O’Dowd Moeglein & Hester def. Ashland Ropp & Stallman (3-0)

Our Oregon correspondents are Karl Moeglein, who debates for Ashland High School, and SaraJane Griffiths, who debates for Lake Oswego High School.