SaraJane Griffiths

Lakeridge Undefeated at Robert D. Clark Invitational

SaraJane Griffiths
Lakeridge Undefeated at Robert D. Clark Invitational

The Robert D. Clark Invitational, hosted at the University of Oregon, gave twenty two teams the opportunity to earn a leg to State Championships. With an ambitious schedule of five prelims and two out-rounds, four partnerships earned coveted legs to the State Championship in April.

Both semifinal rounds contained partnerships from Lakeridge High School and Lincoln High School. Earning a spot in the semifinals was a difficult feat, requiring a 4-1 record and an opposition-win strength of 2.4. Following the five prelims, only one partnership maintained a perfect record, Lakeridge's Cole Lambo & Albert Wang. 

Falling to Lambo & Wang on a 2-1 decision in one semifinal round was Lincoln's Maia Abbruzzese & Zachary Nash. Meanwhile, Lincoln's Kate LeBlanc & Andria Tattersfield prevented a finals close-out for Lakeridge by defeating Lakeridge's Eva Augst & Seba Marin-Quiros on another 2-1 decision in the other semifinal round.

In the final round, Lambo & Wang faced off against LeBlanc & Tattersfield. Lambo & Wang successfully negated the resolution "Violence is a justified response to political oppression," maintaining a perfect undefeated record throughout all seven rounds of the tournament. Their discussion of the merits of peaceful revolutions ultimately prevailed over LeBlanc & Tatterfield's argument that violent revolutions are a necessary last resort, resulting in a unanimous decision in their favor.

This one-day tournament offered both additional preliminary rounds and a final round, breaking the trend of many tournament on the Oregon circuit, which contain only three prelims and a semifinal round. Additionally, the Robert D. Clark Invitational awarded speaker awards. Lincoln High School speakers were awarded three out of the top four speaker awards. Nash prevailed in first place, followed by Tattersfield and Thurston's Jacob Sieczkowski tying for second, and LeBlanc.


Lakeridge Cole Lambo & Albert Wang def. Lincoln Maia Abbruzzese & Zachary Nash (2-1)

Lincoln Kate LeBlanc & Andria Tattersfield def. Lakeridge Eva Augst & Seba Marin-Quiros (2-1)


Lakeridge Lambo & Wang def. Lincoln LeBlanc & Tattersfield (3-0)

Tournament results can be found here.

Our Oregon correspondents are Karl Moeglein, who debates for Ashland High School, and SaraJane Griffiths, who debates for Lake Oswego High School.