Christina Patricia

Claremont Claims Victory at CLU Invitational

Christina Patricia
Claremont Claims Victory at CLU Invitational

On a rainy Saturday, twenty open parliamentary debate partnerships faced off in California Lutheran University Invitational tournament. After going completely undefeated in the preliminary rounds, Claremont High School’s Zayn Aga & Sanjar Junisbai negated the resolution, “The United States should require public funding in federal elections”, which ended in a 2-1 split victory in their favor against Foxcroft's Joshi & Mehta. 

The argument boiled down to the plan and the counterplan of the opposing teams. The affirmative's plan advocated the nationwide implementation of Maine Clean Election Act, which enables candidates that demonstrate community support to have their campaigns funded publicly.

The negation’s counterplan advocated for super-PACs, which can reach and educate a wider range of voters through advertisements. Having some experience in city politics, Aga & Junisbai effectively refuted the opponents’ plan and explained why some parts of the act would be ineffective.

The tournament had challenging resolutions, although some debaters found it unusual that the tournament favored policy resolutions, for five out of the eight resolutions were policy. 

The top three speakers from the tournament were Claremont’s Aga & Junisbai, ILEAD Schools’ Alfredo Boulton & Daniel Timor, and ILEAD Schools’ Sienna Horvath & Jackson Paluck.


Foxcroft Joshi & Mehta def. ILEAD Schools Alfredo Boulton & Daniel Timor

ILEAD Schools Sienna Horvath & Jackson Paluck def. Cleveland Jahnavi Kalyan & Katie Song

Claremont Aga & Junisbai def. Gabrielino Mammah Du & David Taing

ILEAD Schools Kate Farwell & Sean Rogers def. Valencia Chretien Li & Ryan Pugh


Claremont Aga & Junisbai def. ILEAD Schools Horvath & Paluck

Foxcroft Joshi & Mehta def. ILEAD Schools Farwell & Rogers


Claremont Aga & Junisbai def. Foxcroft Joshi & Mehta