Anoushka Singal

Bentley Victorious at the Jon Schamber Invitational

Anoushka Singal
Bentley Victorious at the Jon Schamber Invitational

This weekend, the University of the Pacific's Jon Schamber Invitational concluded with Bentley's Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar defeating Evergreen's Mina Mohebbi & Bryant Tran in finals on a 3-0 decision debating the resolution, "The USFG should pass the S. 1615 Dream Act of 2017."

The tournament commenced on Friday afternoon with three preliminary rounds. After debating the remaining two preliminary rounds on Saturday morning, teams waited six hours before the announcement of elimination advancements. Of the 62 open teams, 16 advanced to octofinals. Of the 27 novice teams, 13 advanced to partial quarterfinals. 

In open speaker awards, Irvington's Reetam Ganguli won first speaker, a notable accomplishment after single handedly debating without his partner, Isha Sanghvi, for all five preliminary rounds. "[It] was pretty exciting to be able to give all 3 speeches, but in the end, [I] miss having Isha by my side in each debate," said Ganguli, "I was pretty taken aback by getting top speaker and I'm very appreciative of it." 

Campolindo's David Gomez Siu and Bishop O'Dowd's Alden O’Rafferty earned second and third place respectively. O’Rafferty and her partner, Claudia Hester, emerged as top seed with a 5-0 record. In 2016, Hester doubled as top speaker and tournament champion with former partner, Sophia Yau-Weeks. This year, O'Rafferty & Hester dropped in semifinals to Mohebbi & Tran. 

In the novice division, Irvington's Drishti Gupta & Delisha Kumar defeated Cupertino's Bhargav Hadya & Pranav Uppiliappan in finals on a 3-0 decision. In speaker awards, Bishop O'Dowd's Lola Deiber won first place, with teammate Paulina Harding securing second and Jesuit's Jonathon Fong placing third.


Bishop O'Dowd Alden O'Rafferty & Claudia Hester def. Campolindo Roni Ayalon & Kyle Wu (3-0) 

Irvington Shevanti Kumar & Vidushee Mishra def. Jesuit Nicholas Conover & Ryan Albiani (3-0)

Los Altos Alex Wong & William Zeng def. Campolindo David Gomez Siu & Sophie Stankus (3-0) 

Evergreen Mina Mohebbi & Bryant Tran def. Bishop O'Dowd Meade Jacobsen & McKenzie Taffe (3-0)

Campolindo Kevin Deng & Krish Visht def. Lodi Dylan Elloitt & Darby McCaully (2-1)

Bentley Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar def. Davis Blayne Clegg & Avery Keller (2-1)

Campolindo Remy Benner & Max Schultz def. Los Altos Tamur Asur & Ryan Lee (2-1) 

Bishop O'Dowd Michael Jayasuriya & Shawn Schulz def. Berkeley Uma Nagarajan & Talia Wolf-Jacobs (3-0)



Bentley Booth & Pracar def. Campolindo Deng & Visht (2-1)

Bishop O'Dowd O'Rafferty & Hester def. Irvington Kumar & Mishra (3-0)

Campolindo Benner & Schultz def. Bishop O'Dowd Jayasuriya & Schulz (3-0) 

Evergreen Mohebbi & Tran def. Los Altos Wong & Zeng (2-1) 



Evergreen MT def. Bishop O'Dowd OH (3-0)

Bentley BP def. Campolindo BS (3-0) 



Bentley BP def. Evergreen MT (3-0)

Tournament results can be found here

Our Northern California correspondents are Emily Her, who competes for Dougherty Valley High School, and Anoushka Singal, who competes for Irvington High School.