Sierra Maciorowski

News Team Assembled for New Season

Sierra Maciorowski
News Team Assembled for New Season

This fall, the Point of Information Foundation enters its first year with a new board of directors, new member-schools, and a new team of correspondents to bring you coverage of tournaments across the country. 

For the 2017-2018 season, we're delighted to say that our articles will cover more tournaments than ever before: with new additions in every region, and the recently created New York Parliamentary Debate League in its second year, our news team will be writing about more than 50 tournaments. 

With that in mind, our team is expanding even further than last year. We welcome Shannon Bonet, one of our former Northern California correspondents, as this year's editor, working alongside our senior correspondents, Paul Kim and Emily Her, to ensure that article quality remains consistent and tournament details remain accessible to all. 

After several weeks of applications and review, we're also thrilled to accept seven new correspondents to our team— more than ever before. Two correspondents come from New York and Connecticut, representing the growing parliamentary debate community on the East Coast. Two hail from Oregon, where we hope to effectively reach both northern and southern parts of the state. Two additionally join us from Southern California, and one from Northern California. 

In this exciting time for our newly expanded organization and for parliamentary debate as a whole, we look forward to crafting a news page that offers all the information you need for success, inclusion, and a sense of community. 

Now, without further ado, meet the 2017-2018 Point of Information new team! 


Shannon is a junior at Campolindo High School entering her fourth year of competitive debate, and continues this year with the POI news team as editor after a year as one of our Northern California correspondents. Last season, Shannon won the Georgiana Hays Invitational, reached semifinals at both 6x4 invitationals, quarterfinals at the Tournament of Champions, National Parliamentary Debate Invitational and the Notre Dame Invitational, and ended her season ranked 7th. In addition to her competitive career, she currently serves as the vice president of Campolindo’s debate team. Outside of debate, Shannon enjoys babysitting children and adoring her dog, Lola.


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Paul debates for Ridgefield High School in Connecticut, where he is currently a senior, and joined our correspondent team in 2015. Competing primarily in the Connecticut Debate Association, he completed his junior year undefeated within the CDA circuit, culminating in a triumph at the state championship. Outside of debate, Paul writes for the school paper, runs, and does mock trial. He thinks cliffs tend to be more charming when hanging from them.


Hart debates for Dalton School. In the 2016-17 season he distinguished himself as one of the best debaters in the New York Parliamentary Debate league, winning first place speaker awards at two of the three league tournaments and never finishing below sixth in the team awards. At Dalton, he is a deputy editor for his school paper, head of the Military History Club, and also participates in his school’s political club. Outside of school, he enjoys playing squash.

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Haven is a competitive debater for Immaculate High School/the Hive. She debated in the CTMSDL for two years before moving into the CDA as a Novice in 2016, qualifying for State Finals that year and, along with her partner, going undefeated at the 2017 State Finals. Later in the year, she received 5th place speaker at the first tournament of her Varsity career, Yale Osterweis. When she's not debating, Haven keeps herself busy by running a local photography business, looking after her 30+ farm animals, writing for a town news source, and teaching at a local horse barn.


Currently a senior, Emily debates for Dougherty Valley High School. Although she has been doing parli for four years, she is also entering her second year in impromptu speaking and occasionally does public forum and extemporaneous speaking. Within her own team, Emily is the upperclassmen representative officer across all events. Emily has debated with various partners throughout her career, and hopes to eventually find a long-term debate partner soon. Outside of debate, Emily is also an officer of the Art Club, Model United Nations, and Future Business Leaders of America. When not worrying about dinner, Emily enjoys thrift shopping, creating graphic designs, and wondering when would be a good time to dye her hair.


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Anoushka, currently a sophomore at Irvington High School, is entering her second year of competitive debate, and is excited to see where this year takes her. When she isn’t debating, she enjoys volunteering, playing and teaching piano, and writing. In her free time, she writes a blog on which she posts her thoughts and ramblings, as well as for a local magazine. Anoushka has also written for her school paper for three years, as well as mentored young writers after graduating in the past. She is passionate about both the written and the spoken word, which is a large part of the reason that speech and debate appeal to her. 


Ryan debates for Los Osos High School, where he is currently a senior. For four years, he has participated in a number of different events, including parliamentary debate, extemporaneous speaking, congress, and public forum. As a sophomore, he was the league champion in domestic extemp and has qualified to the NSDA national tournament twice. Outside of debate, Ryan participates in mock trial, competes in an annual forestry challenge, and is president of his school’s Future Business Leaders of America. He also has a firm belief that debate is much like the sport of fencing. 

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A junior at University High School, Mira has been debating for two years. At her school’s debate club, she serves as the publicity manager, occasional substitute parliamentary captain, and emotional support for her teammates. When needed, she also enjoys judging tournaments as she finds it refreshing to get the differing perspective on debate rounds. When not debating or doing debate-related activities, Mira plays water polo, swims competitively, stresses about school, and plays viola for the orchestra. During her time away from school activities, she enjoys procrastinating on school work, applying face masks and going shopping.  


Hannah, currently a junior, debates for Ashland High School in Southern Oregon. She’s been on the team for three years and focuses on parli although she also dabbles in public forum and extemporaneous speaking. Hannah has had the chance to debate both Oregon and California style parliamentary and looks forward to traveling this year for more tournaments. As parli team captain at her school she loves teaching new debaters and helping them try things out of their comfort zone. When she’s not debating, Hannah can be found skiing, hiking, training with her Aerial Dance troupe or listening to acoustic music through loud speakers. 

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Gabe is the team captain for Lake Oswego High School’s speech and debate team. For the past four years, Gabe has competed in northern Oregon in every form of debate, and qualified for the state tournament in Lincoln Douglas twice. For his final year in high school, he has shifted his focus towards parliamentary debate.  When Gabe isn't debating, he is often found participating in the constitutional law or model United Nations programs at his school.