Mira Ogawa

Los Osos Victorious at Fullerton

Mira Ogawa
Los Osos Victorious at Fullerton

 At the Cal State Fullerton tournament on October 14-15, Los Osos’ Ryan Nam & Joseph Naseib defeated Carmel Valley’s Boopala Arul & Julia Luo in the final round. Negating the resolution, "This house would prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes," Nam & Naseib won on a 2-1 decision. The debate came down to whether the media could cover those mental illnesses while also protecting both awareness and justice of the American people. 

This year, Cal Fullerton collapsed its novice, junior varsity, and varsity divisions into a field of competitors of all levels. “The tournament went well, wrapped up in a timely manner, and ran smoothly despite the collapsing of all three divisions," said tournament director Erika Thomas. 

Teams debated six preliminary rounds before a break to quarterfinals. Although there was a midday two hour delay on Friday, the tournament ended in a timely manner on Saturday night. "The debate times seemed squeezed [and] there was not enough time to do homework," said Valencia's Ryan Pugh on the tournament schedule. "But it left just enough time to get out of the groove of debating." 

With interesting resolutions ranging in subject from general government policy to boy scout integration, the tournament provided a learning experience where debaters could use and encounter new skills and techniques."The most exciting part of the tournament was the melting pot of styles and getting to encounter different methods of debate," said Pugh's teammate Ryan Farrow. 

Despite its slow start, Cal State Fullerton marked the beginning of the 2017-2018 season for many Southern California debaters. 


Carmel Valley Boopala Arul & Julia Luo def. La Costa Canyon S. Steigerwald & Sean Powers

Los Osos Ryan Nam & Joseph Naseib def. Torrey Pines Kevin Hu & Kyle Sasagawa

Peninsula Mei Johnson & Michael Wagreich def. Cypress Isaac Ramnani & Eli Draggoo

Valencia Ryan Pugh & Chretien Li def. La Costa Canyon Abigail Oliver & Lauren Rees



Los Osos Nam & Naseib def. Valencia Pugh & Li

Carmel Valley Arul & Luo def. Peninsula Johnson & Wagreich



Los Osos NN def. Carmel Valley AL

At the time of publication, full results had not yet been published. Click here for partial results. 

Our Southern California correspondents are Mira Ogawa, who competes for University High School, and Ryan Nam, who competes for Los Osos High School.