Karl Moeglein

C.K. McClatchy Claws Way to Top at Grizzly

Karl Moeglein
C.K. McClatchy Claws Way to Top at Grizzly

California clashed with Oregon at the 4th Annual Grizzly Invitational on January 27-28. The field was split, with 10 teams coming from around Northern California and 11 from around Oregon. Both states were represented in the final round, with C.K. McClatchy’s Amos Karlson & Ben Schwartz defeating Ashland’s John Ropp & Rob Stallman: Karlson & Schwartz successfully negated the resolution that "The United States Senate should eliminate the use of the filibuster" on a 4-1 decision.

The tournament began with five preliminary rounds, all held on the first day of the tournament. The hybrid partnership of Bishop O’Dowd’s Claudia Hester & Ashland’s Karl Moeglein emerged as the lone undefeated team and were also the top two speakers of the tournament. Moeglein & Hester, debating under Bishop O’Dowd, were joined in outrounds by four other California teams. 11 teams had a record of at least 3-2, and 170 speaker points, after dropping high-low, were required to break.

Tournament champions Ben Schwartz and Amos Karlson

Tournament champions Ben Schwartz and Amos Karlson

With a judging pool specifically for parli at the tournament, teams benefitted from experienced judges throughout. “It was nice to see policy judges being put in the parli pool instead of parli judges being put in the policy pool,” said Prospect debater Meera Keskar. The topics, which blended a diversity of topic areas with a consistent flow of policy-based resolutions, allowed parli debaters to show their individual knowledge, since Oregon’s preparation rules require debaters use nothing more than a dictionary and their partner.

By the semi finals, two teams from each state remained. Each round chose the same resolution from the three provided, with Ropp & Stallman and Karlson & Schwartz each negating the resolution that "The United States federal government should eliminate the use of drones for military purposes." Keskar, debating with C.K. McClatchy’s Will Flores-Jones, fell to Ropp & Stallman, while South Eugene’s Ada Sprengelmeyer & Alex Leve fell to Karlson & Schwartz. 

The final round came down, as many rounds at the tournament did, to a question of President Trump and his effects. This time, the question was how midterm elections will play out, while weighing the policies of the new president. Schwartz & Karlson convinced the judges that Republicans would still hold a majority in 2018, and this was the deciding factor in the round. Debaters didn’t have much of a rest, as every team that broke was in the field that started competition that night in the inaugural Club Parli 4x4: State of Jefferson Edition.


Ashland John Ropp & Rob Stallman def. Bentley Michael Rubsamen & Irene Partsuf (3-0)

South Eugene Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer def. Bentley Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar (2-1)

Prospect/C.K. McClatchy Meera Keskar & Will Flores-Jones def. Ashland Brayden Preskenis & Dylan Kistler (2-1)

C.K. McClatchy Amos Karlson & Ben Schwartz def. Bishop O’Dowd/Ashland Claudia Hester & Karl Moeglein (2-1)


C.K. McClatchy Karlson & Schwartz def. South Eugene Leve & Sprengelmeyer

Ashland Ropp & Stallman def. Prospect/C.K. McClatchy Keskar & Flores-Jones


C.K. McClatchy Karlson & Schwartz def. Ashland Ropp & Stallman (4-1)