Shannon Bonet

Campolindo Wins NorCal Season Opener

Shannon Bonet
Campolindo Wins NorCal Season Opener

On September 19th, the Notre Dame Parliamentary Debate Warm-Up ended with Cupertino’s Adiyan Kaul & Sohan Vichare facing off against Campolindo’s Austen Li & Jordan Li in a dynamic final round.  Negating the resolution, “The United States Federal Government should institute a federal program for the purchase and destruction of second hand firearms”, Campolindo picked up on a 3-2 split decision.

Li & Li and Kaul & Vichare shortly after finals 

Li & Li and Kaul & Vichare shortly after finals 

This year, the infamous polygon rounds of 2015 were swapped for traditional parli structure in outrounds. The tournament comfortably ended Sunday at 5 P.M. despite a scramble for judges earlier that morning.

With 54 teams competing, Notre Dame witnessed a generous break of 16 teams to octofinals. As a result, teams from Campolindo, Lowell, and Irvington faced difficult walkover decisions among their own teammates. Amazingly, Evergreen Valley took three of their teams to outrounds without walkovers.

On their way to victory, Li & Li walked over teammates Kevin Deng & Krish Visht in octos, dropped Washington's Shiranthi Jawahar & Sanjana Rajesh in quarters, and Lowell's Emily Moon & James Sutton in semis. Meanwhile, Kaul & Vichare dropped Berkeley's Kai Burgmann & Cole McCann-Philips in octos, Evergreen's Janav Sharma & Anirudh Mani in quarters, and Evergreen's Kushal Sharma & Ayush Shukla in semis. 

Individual awards were based on prelim speaker points. Evergreen's Poojan Shukla was awarded top speaker, followed closely by Lowell's Emily Hall and Los Gatos's Sawye Raygani. Moon & Sutton and Sharma & Shukla also received awards for their semifinalist placings.

In the novice division, Los Gatos’s Ethan Dildine & Eesha Gadhia clinched top seed with a 5-0 preliminary record. Top novice speaker was awarded to Bishop O'Dowd's Connor Whitehall, followed closely by Evergreen's Jenna Bao and Pinewood's Esmi Pistelak. 

Dildine & Gadhia after being announced top novice seed 

Dildine & Gadhia after being announced top novice seed 


Campolindo Shannon Bonet & Sharon Yuan def. Evergreen Poojan Shukla & Marek Zielinski (2-1) 

Evergreen Kushal Sharma & Ayush Shukla def. Berkeley's Kai Burgmann & Cole McCann-Philips (BYE)

Evergreen Anirudh Mani & Janav Sharma def. Lowell Emily Hall & Frances Sutton (3-0)

Cupertino Aidyan Kaul & Sohan Vichare def. Leland James Simmons & Toby Simmons (2-1)

Lowell Emily Moon & James Sutton def. Lowell David Miller Shevelev & Daniel Shin (BYE)

Irvington Reetam Ganguli & Jessica Singh def. Irvington Shreya Barma & Tanisha Singh (3-0)

Washington Shiranthi Jawahar & Sanjara Rajesh def. Prospect Sahil Hegde & Hursh Jain (2-1)

Campolindo Austen Li & Jordan Li def. Campolindo Kevin Deng & Krish Visht (BYE) 



Evergreen Sharma & Shukla def. Campolindo Bonet & Yuan (2-1) 

Cupertino Kaul & Vichare def. Evergreen Mani & Sharma (2-1) 

Lowell Moon & Sutton def. Irvington Ganguli & Singh (3-0) 

Campolindo Li & Li def. Washington Jawahar & Rajesh (2-1) 



Cupertino KV def. Evergreen SS (3-0) 

Campolindo LL def. Lowell MS (3-0) 



Campolindo LL def. Cupertino KV (3-2) 

Full results can be found here.

Link to Facebook post can be found here.

This year's NorCal correspondents are Shannon Bonet, who debates for Campolindo High School, and Emily Her, who debates for Dougherty Valley High School.