Nancy Jung

Abushama and Cochinwala Claim the Bruschke Invitational

Nancy Jung
Abushama and Cochinwala Claim the Bruschke Invitational


In one of the last tournaments of the year, CSU Fullerton's Bruschke Invitational, TOC champions Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala defeated Vista Murrieta's Fares Abdullah & Kendal Asprec on the resolution, "This house believes that an eye for an eye will leave the world blind."

The tournament had five preliminary rounds and two break rounds. As a result of being a tournament after the CHSSA state championships, the Bruschke Invitational drew a smaller crowd of dedicated debaters. The tournament had a total field size of nine teams. It broke straight to semifinals, thus breaking the top 44% of the teams. The champions will receive a total of 18 points. 

The best speakers of the tournament were Basil Abushama, Vista Murrieta’s Fares Abdullah, and Redlands East Valley's Ian Finley. Abushama won first with 88.5 speaker points, Abdullah won second with 87 points, and Finley won third with 86.7 speaker points.


Avengen Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala def. Oxford Joshua Chen & Marcus Lee

Vista Murrieta Fares Abdullah & Kendal Asprec def. Redlands East Valley Ian Finley & Duncan Glover


Avengen Abushama & Cochinwala def. Vista Murrieta Abdullah & Asprec

Tournament results can be found here.

Resolutions can be found here.