Sierra Maciorowski

Campolindo triumphs at SCU2

Sierra Maciorowski
Campolindo triumphs at SCU2

Santa Clara University’s Philalethic Invitational last weekend came down to a final round between Campolindo's Kevin Deng & Krish Visht and Evergreen’s Albert Le & Kushal Sharma. Campolindo picked up on a 2-1 split decision, affirming the resolution, “The United Nations should remove veto power from permanent members of the Security Council.”

Campolindo's Kevin Deng & Krish Visht after finals.  Photo courtesy of Shannon Bonet

Campolindo's Kevin Deng & Krish Visht after finals. Photo courtesy of Shannon Bonet

Out of 70 teams in varsity competition, the tournament broke 16 to octofinals. Though this year’s break still earned a one point penalty, it was substantially better than previous years, perhaps since less teams were in competition due to the concurrent Tournament of Champions.

Bentley’s Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar finished the five preliminary rounds as top seed, with teammates Lucy Holt & Katya Mitzin and Irene Partsuf & Michael Rubsamen joining them as the other 5-0 teams.

On the way to finals, Campolindo defeated Evergreen’s Himanshu Gautam & Ayush Shukla in octofinals, Bentley’s MLK champions Gabriela Burshteyn & Katie Stamm-Kirk in quarters, and Evergreen’s Violet Sinnarkar & Janaki Vivrekar in semis. Evergreen dropped Booth & Pracar in octos, Partsuf & Rubsamen in quarters, and Irvington’s Medha Acharya & Jessica Singh in semis.

The top speaker award went to Adiyan Kaul from Cupertino, followed closely by Bentley’s Gabriela Burshteyn, Bentley’s Katie Stamm-Kirk, and Los Altos’ Alex Wong. Irvington's Rachit Pareek took top speaker in novice. 


Evergreen Sinnarkar & Vivrekar def. Bentley Booth &  Pracar (3-0)

Irvington Rishabh Meswani & William Yoo def. Cupertino Nikhil Agrawal & Adiyan Kaul

Irvington Acharya & Singh def. Campolindo Shannon Bonet & Sharon Yuan (3-0)

Campolindo Deng & Visht def. Evergreen Gautam & Shukla (2-1)

Bentley Partsuf & Rubsamen def. Saratoga Gaurav Mohan & Varun Meduri (3-0)

Bentley Holt & Mitzin def. Evergreen Gabriela Escobar & Connie Lu (3-0)

Evergreen Le & Sharma def. San Marin Bill Cao & James Gunn (2-1)

Bentley Burshteyn & Stamm-Kirk def. San Marin Tyler Colenbrander & Aditya Katewa (2-1)


Evergreen LS def. Bentley PR (3-0)

Campolindo DV def. Bentley BS (2-1)

Irvington AS def. Bentley HM (2-1)

Evergreen SV def. Irvington Meswani & Yoo (3-0)


Campolindo DV def. Evergreen SV (2-1)

Evergreen LS def. Irvington AS (2-1)


Campolindo DV def. Evergreen LS (2-1)

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