Paul Kim

Westfield Triumphs at UPenn

Paul Kim
Westfield Triumphs at UPenn


After five rounds of prelims, and four outrounds, Westfield Academy’s Emily Bruggerman and Jeren Koh came out victorious over St.Luke’s Chloe Kekedjian and Eliza Posner. Taking the government side on the resolution “THBT colleges should step back from academics for tuition”, Westfield’s Bruggerman & Koh took home top honors on a 2-1 decision, earning 25 points.

In a tournament dominated by the Connecticut Debate Association, represented by six teams in octofinals, Bishop O’Dowd speakers fared exceptionally well. Three out of the top four speakers overall hailed from Bishop O’Dowd. 

Camille Porter-McAvoy of Bishop O’Dowd captured top speaking honors, followed by Westfield Academy’s Emily Bruggerman. Porter-McAvoy’s partner, Danielle Viviani, took third and Claudia Hester, also from Bishop O’Dowd, rounded out the top four.

Heading into partial octos, five teams received byes. Shawn Cunningham, ranked fourth individually in the latest POI rankings, fought for one the last three spots in octos, eventually making the break, before falling in octos to the New Haven pair of Thomas Hansen & William Joseph. 

The top ranked team heading into outrounds was Westfield Academy’s Benjamin Mione & Maxwell Shulman, who later fell in quarters to the AITE team of Randall Berger & David Walsh. 

No teams from New York or Pennsylvania broke into partial octos, leaving the outrounds entirely comprised of teams from Connecticut and California.

The UPenn Liberty Bell Classic parliamentary topics were all written by CDA head Everett Rutan, using the “this house” prefix. Topics generally focused on policy issues, both domestically and internationally, ranging from China’s military presence in the Pacific, to the merits of pre trial detention.

The LBC displayed many differences from traditional West Coast parli. Prep time was devoid of any materials, including books and the internet. kritiks, and other uses of tech were nowhere to be seen in both prelims and outrounds. Also absent were statements of the plan text by nearly all teams.

The style of debate closely followed that of the Connecticut Debate Association, with a unique contrast of styles on display throughout the tournament. 


AITE Daniel Berger & Stephanie Walsh def. Westfield Benjamin Mione & Maxwell Shulman 

Westfield Emily Bruggerman & Jeren Koh def. O'Dowd Claudia Hester & Sophie Yau-Weeks

O'Dowd Camille Porter-McAvoy & Danielle Vivani def. New Haven Thomas Hansen & William Joseph

St.Luke's Chloe Kekedjian & Eliza Posner def. AITE Tanu Balla & Brian Fleischer


Westfield Emily Bruggerman & Jeren Koh def. AITE  Berger & Walsh

St.Luke's Chloe Kekedjian & Eliza Posner def. O'Dowd Camille Porter-McAvoy & Danielle Viviani


Westfield Emil Bruggerman & Jeren Koh def. St.Lukes Chloe Kekedjian & Eliza Posner

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