Sierra Maciorowski

POI Announces Transition to New Framework

Sierra Maciorowski
POI Announces Transition to New Framework

Point of Information was founded by Artem Raskin in 2009 and has been operated by Jon Thorpe for several years. The organization has always advocated for the primary goal of democratically representing the students and coaches of the parliamentary debate community. Today, POI is proud to continue down this path of progress.

POI, including the rankings, Tournament of Champions, website, and all associated finances, trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property is to be owned by an independent not-for-profit, the Point of Information Foundation. It will be distinct and independent from the following entities previously associated with it: NPDI, the POI Institute, Parli Underground and associated pod-based tournaments, and Club Parli. Ranking methods, qualification thresholds, and TOC dates and locations will remain unchanged for the 2016-2017 competitive season.

As of this announcement, POI is guided by a temporary transition committee made up of the members listed below. The transition committee will draft a constitution and bylaws to govern the organization into the future, which will be ratified by a community election (implementation method pending). It will also work to contact schools to promote community involvement in the drafting process. The committee will hand over full control to a board election per bylaw or constitutional specifications by the start of the 2017-2018 competitive season.

We are thrilled to propose groundbreaking new initiatives to improve access to high-level parliamentary debate -- through platforms for students to arrange practice rounds from across the nation, lectures from some of the most prolific debaters of all time, and new avenues to connect with game-changing mentors.

This change will not come without work, and we welcome those in the community who wish to help shape the organization. We are explicitly soliciting input on two fronts.

  1. Constitution committee: we would welcome those with experience drafting constitutions or bylaws for not-for-profits to serve on this committee.

  2. TOC committee: we would welcome those with Tabroom or event planning experience, as well as those interested in writing topics and managing tournament logistics.

If you want to volunteer, be added to our permanent mailing list, or have additional questions, please contact or fill out our form below.

Whether you’re from the NorCal circuit, a coach from Oregon or the East Coast, or a SoCal competitor looking to make waves at the Tournament of Champions, the Point of Information Foundation welcomes you into our ever-expanding family of parliamentary debaters.

In service,

The Transition Committee

Basil Abushama

Julie Herman

Iain Lampert

Mat Marr

Everett Rutan