Kavan Nakai

Los Altos Undefeated at La Costa

Kavan Nakai
Los Altos Undefeated at La Costa

At La Costa Canyon's Winter Classic, Los Altos's Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth emerged undefeated, winning the final round against fellow Northern California debaters Menlo-Atherton's Jackson Confer & Christina Ikonomou on a 3-0 decision.  On the resolution, “The USFG should substantially expand its refugee asylum process,” Los Altos affirmed against Menlo-Atherton's argument that the US should give money to Middle Eastern nations to support them there instead. 

Los Altos' Lilly Hackworth & Spencer Dembner pose with championship plaques. 

Los Altos' Lilly Hackworth & Spencer Dembner pose with championship plaques. 

Dembner and Hackworth maintained an undefeated record without dropping a single ballot, repeating their recent performance at Santa Clara University's Dempsey-Cronin Invitational. 

The 46th annual Winter Classic at La Costa, this tournament serves as the main source of revenue for the La Costa Speech and Debate team. The 32 entries in parliamentary debate marked a small increase in participation from last year, but a whopping 29 fewer entries than in 2014, perhaps due to the date conflict with Cypress College's high school invitational. 


Bentley Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar def. Carlsbad Elise Unger & Yousuf Hashmi (2-1)

La Canada Annika Russell & Naomi Stephen def.  Rancho Bernardo Valerie Lee & Aaron Applegate (2-1)

Carlsbad Alex DeTaboada & Chad Hamner def. Carlsbad Tara Yazdan & Caroline Allen (3-0)

Canyon Crest Boopala Arul & Julia Luo def. Los Altos Alex Wong & William Zeng (2-1)


Los Altos Spencer Dembner & Lilly Hackworth def. Bentley Booth & Pracar (3-0)

La Canada Russell & Stephen def. Bentley Michael Rubsamen & Irene Partsuf (3-0)

Menlo-Atherton Jackson Confer & Christina Ikonomou def. Carlsbad DeTaboada & Hamner (2-1)

Canyon Crest Arul & Luo def. Berkeley Talia Wolf-Jacobs & Gaurav Ghosal (2-1)


Los Altos Dembner & Hackworth def. La Canada RS (3-0)

Menlo-Atherton Confer & Ikonomou def. Canyon Crest AL (3-0)


Los Altos DH def. Menlo-Atherton CI (3-0)

Our Southern California correspondents are Christina Patricia, who debates for Torrey Pines High School, and Kavan Nakai, who debates for Claremont High School.