Christina Patricia

Claremont High School Conquers Cypress

Christina Patricia
Claremont High School Conquers Cypress

On the 9th and 10th of December, thirty partnerships from twelve different schools across Southern California clashed in the annual Cypress College Invitational. However, the heated battle reached an unexpected climax: Claremont's George Achy & Kavan Nakai and Zayn Aga & Sanjar Junisbai closed out the tournament. 

According to competitors, this year’s tournament had more unclear resolutions than last year, making the tournament less enjoyable. The ambiguity of the resolutions allowed the affirmative to interpret it unpredictably in round. Additionally, the fact that the Cypress College Invitational occurs on the same dates as the Winter Classic tournament held at La Costa Canyon disappointed many debaters who wanted to attend both.

However, the tournament had its good points as well. For the first time in four years, the Cypress tournament provided parliamentary debaters with a designated prep room. Not only did this streamline the preparation process, but it also discourages participants from cheating, therefore increasing the fairness and educational quality of the debates.


Claremont Stephen Nazareth & Angelo Thomas def. Helix Charter Anthony Alvarez & Chase Osborn (3-0)

Claremont George Achy & Kavan Nakai def. San Dieguito Academy Jason Kesler & Kevin Ward (3-0)

Claremont Zayn Aga & Sanjar Junisbai def. Oxford Edward Jung & Hee Won Jung (3-0)

Oxford Jon Le & David Yi def. Northwood Roddur Dargupta & Justin Pyne (3-0)


Claremont Achy & Nakai def. Oxford Le & Yi (3-0)

Claremont Aga & Junisbai def. Claremont Nazareth & Thomas (3-0)

Our Southern California correspondents are Christina Patricia, who debates for Torrey Pines High School, and Kavan Nakai, who debates for Claremont High School.