Christina Patricia

La Cañada Wins Spartan Fall Classic at Schurr

Christina Patricia
La Cañada Wins Spartan Fall Classic at Schurr

After debating through three preliminary rounds and two elimination rounds, La Cañada High School's Sonya Kalara & Chris Morillo faced off against Crescenta Valley High School's Brendan Caver & Sarah Choi in finals, winning the Schurr Fall Classic tournament on a 3-0 decision. In the final round, Kalara & Morillo affirmed the resolution, “This house believes that Antonin Scalia had a positive impact on American jurisprudence."

Kalara & Morillo stormed through the quarterfinals and semifinals with perfect 3-0 victories, then halted the previously undefeated Crescenta Valley pairing. Overall, Crescenta Valley's team dominated, with four out of five partnerships breaking to elimination rounds. 

The Spartan Fall Classic had sixteen entries, not including Crescenta Valley High School’s Hong & Pak, who dropped the tournament. After three preliminary rounds, the tournament broke into quarterfinals. 


Crescenta Valley Ray Alonso & John Woo def. Crescenta Valley Martin Adamian & Adam Aronovsky

La Cañada Sonya Kalara & Chris Morillo def. Arroyo Justin Martinez & Abram Quiroz

Cypress Anusha Basak & Roy Shin def. Maranatha Natalie Azar & Daniella Shishoian

Crescenta Valley Brendan Caver & Sara Choi def. Audrey Ahn & Margaux Bastian


Crescenta Valley Alonso & Woo def. La Cañada Kalara & Morillo

Cypress Basak & Shin def. Crescenta Valley Caver & Choi


La Cañada Kalara & Morillo def. Crescenta Valley Caver & Choi

Results can be found here.

Our Southern California correspondents are Christina Patricia, who debates for Torrey Pines High School, and Kavan Nakai, who debates for Claremont High School.