Karl Moeglein

Oak Hill Wins Jerry Hudson Invitational

Karl Moeglein
Oak Hill Wins Jerry Hudson Invitational

Late at night on October 22nd, Oak Hill’s Beau Taylor-Ladd & Conrad Sproul defeated Ashland’s Karl Moeglein & Elliott Mellon to win the Jerry Hudson Invitational at Willamette University.

The first large tournament of the Oregon season brought together 26 of the best teams from across the state. After five preliminary rounds, the field broke to quarterfinals: Moeglein & Mellon emerged as the only undefeated team and were thus the top seed. Closely behind them, as the second seed, were teammates Ashland’s John Ropp & Rob Stallman, who had a 4-1 record and were second and fourth speakers respectively. Taylor-Ladd & Sproul rounded out the top three. Additionally, Taylor-Ladd was the top speaker.

Quarterfinals saw each of the top three seeds dispatch their opponents. The fifth seed, Sprague’s Arianna Martin & Eden McCall, rounded out the final four. Taylor-Ladd & Sproul successfully negated the resolution, "This House supports vigilante justice," on a split decision against Ropp & Stallman to earn a spot in finals. It was another split decision in the other semifinal, with Moeglein & Mellon beating Martin & McCall in negation of the resolution, "This House fears the rise of robots." 

While the resolution of the final round was "This House believes that governments should provide a guaranteed universal basic income," it was clear from the beginning of the round that the debate would not have much to do with that.

Moeglein & Mellon’s plan text of giving each citizen $15 trillion quickly shifted the round into the realm of so-called de-development. As the affirmation, Moeglein & Mellon argued that this would not only collapse the United States economy, but also the global. They then claimed that this was key to ending capitalism and solving issues of climate change and oppression.

Taylor-Ladd & Sproul, a team that most often competes in policy, chose to not read any arguments on a procedural level and instead directly argued why this economic collapse scenario was bad for the world and capitalism is good. This strategy paid off, as the negation won easily in a 3-0 decision.

Taylor-Ladd & Sproul now will move into the top five of the national rankings while Moeglein & Mellon enter the top ten. While there are a number of smaller tournaments held at high schools over the next two months, the Jerry Hudson Invitational ends the large university tournament schedule in Oregon for 2016.


1 Ashland Karl Moeglein & Elliott Mellon def. 8 Lincoln Kate LeBlanc & Andria

2 Ashland John Ropp & Rob Stallman def. 7 Lincoln Maia Abbruzzese & Zachary Nash 

3 Oak Hill Beau Taylor-Ladd & Conrad Sproul def. 6 Summit Reese Ringo & Daniel Little

5 Sprague Arianna Martin & Eden McCall def. 4 Cleveland Oz Johnson-Congleton & Lily Panetta 


Ashland Moeglein & Mellon def. Sprague Martin & McCall

Oak Hill Taylor-Ladd & Sproul def. Ashland Ropp & Stallman


Oak Hill Taylor-Ladd & Sproul def. Ashland Moeglein & Mellon


Our Oregon correspondents are SaraJane Griffiths, who debates for Lake Oswego High School, and Karl Moeglein, who debates for Ashland High School.