Karl Moeglein

Ashland takes Hap Hingston

Karl Moeglein
Ashland takes Hap Hingston


In a battle between a pair of Oregon’s best teams, Ashland’s Carson Barry & John Ropp beat South Eugene’s Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer at the Hap Hingston Forensics Invitational hosted by Pacific University. On a 2-1 decision, Barry & Ropp successfully affirmed the resolution, "The United States Federal Government should mandate the use of police body cameras."

17 teams began the day Friday, but after four preliminary rounds only four remained to debate in the semifinals. Seven teams had at least three wins, making the break extra harsh. 224 total speaker points were required to break. Both semifinals were rematches of early debates. Second-seeded Leve & Sprengelmeyer avenged a fourth round loss to third seeded Lincoln’s Hank Sanders & Jack Sanders on a split 2-1 vote. In the other semifinal, fourth seeded Barry & Ropp overcame the only team to beat them all weekend, as they defeated Tillamook’s Ryland Pampush & Max Wiegardt with a 3-0 sweep of the judges.

The final round ended up being a technical one after Leve & Sprengelmeyer ran a plan inclusive counterplan (PIC). In response Barry & Ropp ran a procedural against PICs, and collapsed on it in the affirmative voter.

Sprengelmeyer was the top speaker. Hood River Valley’s Soren Rajani came in second, while Pampush rounded out the top three. 

The second place finish moves Leve & Sprengelmeyer even closer to qualifying for the TOC. The pair were ranked 23rd before the tournament and are sure to move up. While this will be Barry’s first appearance in the rankings, with the victory Ropp may move into the top five as an individual.


 Ashland Carson Barry & John Ropp def. Tillamook Ryland Pampush & Max Wiegardt (3-0)

South Eugene Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer def. Lincoln Hank Sanders & Jack Sanders (2-1)


 Ashland Carson Barry & John Ropp def. South Eugene Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer (2-1)

Tournament results can be found here.