Nancy Jung

SoCal Kicks off the New Year with the California Lutheran Invitational

Nancy Jung
SoCal Kicks off the New Year with the California Lutheran Invitational


The first SoCal tournament of the new year kicked off with iLEAD North Hollywood’s Kate Farwell & Chad Gasman took home their fourth championship title of the season at the California Lutheran University Speech and Debate Invitational. They defeated Alhambra’s Andy Chan & Taylor Thomas on the resolution, "In Parliamentary Debate, internet prep should be allowed at all tournaments." The final round at the tournament was a rematch, but ultimately mirrored the final round at the Schurr Invitational, with Farwell and Gasman taking the win again. The champions will be awarded a total of 21 points.

The tournament had a field of 21 teams, and broke straight to quarterfinals after five preliminary rounds, thus breaking the top 38% of its field.  

iLEAD North Hollywood’s Chad Gasman took home the first place speaker award with 89 points, Cleveland’s Daniel Menegaz won the second place speaker award with 88.4 points, and Crescenta Valley’s Ray Alonso won the third place speaker award with 87.1 points.

San Marino Wania Ahmed & Sadia Khan def. iLEAD North Hollywood Eric Culhane & Sean Rogers
Alhambra Andy Chan & Taylor Thomas def. iLEAD North Hollywood Griffin Molinary-Kopelman & Sasha Rabich
Crescenta Valley Ray Alonso & Jacob Matthews def. Valencia Will Jones & Jaylan Smith
iLEAD North Hollywood Kate Farwell & Chad Gasman def. Cleveland Daniel Menegaz & Scout Turkel

iLEAD North Hollywood Farwell & Gasman def. Crescenta Valley Alonso & Matthew
Alhambra Chan & Taylor def. San Marino Ahmed & Kahn

iLEAD North Hollywood Farwell & Gasman def. Alhambra Chan & Thomas

Results can be found here.

Resolutions can be found here.