Spencer Dembner

Bentley takes James Logan

Spencer Dembner
Bentley takes James Logan


On January 17, Bentley’s team of Gabriela Burshteyn & Katie Stamm-Kirk faced off against Lowell’s Zachary Hoffman & Jaden Jarmel-Schneider in the finals of the 2016 Logan High School Martin Luther King Invitational. Negating the resolution that “The recent oil production glut will harm the economy,” Bentley picked up on a 2-1 split decision to become the tournament champions.

Although the overlap with Stanford reduced Logan’s field size to 60 teams in a combined open division, the field still included many of Northern California’s top teams, and broke 32 teams to double-octofinals. With a break of over half its preliminary field, the doubles round did not count for POI points.

Like Stanford, MLK increased its preliminary rounds from 5 to 6. Lowell’s duo of Jarmel-Schneider & Hoffman garnered a 5-1 record, while Bentley emerged 3-3.

Entering elimination rounds as the 32nd and last seed, Bentley defeated Granite Bay Arthi & Shivani Bobbala in doubles, Cupertino Aviral Pereira & Nikhil Agrawal in octos, Lowell Frances Sutton & Andrew Wilcox in quarters and Windsor Ernst & Davis in semis before facing off for the championship.


Lowell Jaden Jarmel-Schneider & Zachary Hoffman def. Woodcreek Alec Solano & Parker Strohmeyer

Windsor Claire Ernst & Christophe Davis def. Cupertino Adiyan Kaul & Sohan Vichare

Stockdale Matthew Chaffee & Zackrey Stolz def. Bentley Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar

Bentley Gabriela Burshteyn & Katie Stamm-Kirk def. Cupertino Aviral Pereira & Nikhil Agrawal

Lowell Frances Sutton & Andrew Wilcox def. Gunn Henry Wang & Allen Su

Lowell Thomas White & Emily Hall def. James Enochs Isaac Tullis & Garrett Nance

Lowell James Sutton & Emily Moon def. James Logan Edgar Partida & Priyanka Vatturi

Windsor Dante Dondero & Shane Rosenthal def. James Enochs Jesus Cervantes & Connor Cogdill


Lowell Jarmel-Schneider & Hoffman def. Windsor Dondero & Rosenthal

Windsor Ernst & Davis def. Lowell Sutton & Moon

Stockdale Chaffee & Stolz def. Lowell White & Hall

Bentley Stamm-Kirk & Burshteyn def. Lowell Sutton & Wilcox


Lowell Jarmel-Schneider & Hoffman def. Stockdale Chaffee & Stolz

Bentley Stamm-Kirk & Burshteyn def. Windsor Ernst & Davis


Bentley Stamm-Kirk & Burshteyn def. Lowell Jarmel-Schneider & Hoffman