Karl Moeglein

Cleveland wins chaotic Jean Ward Invitational

Karl Moeglein
Cleveland wins chaotic Jean Ward Invitational


After a long two days on the Lewis & Clark College campus, Cleveland's Glen Skahill & Mathias Knight were crowned champions of the Jean Ward Invitational. The pair successfully affirmed the resolution "China should support Hong Kong's independence," over South Albany’s Tyler Whittaker & Anthony Ross on a 2-1 decision in the final round.

With 42 teams in the field and five preliminary rounds, all teams with 4-1 records and above cleared to octofinals along with eight of the 14 teams with 3-2 records. The break was highlighted by the top three seeds, and only three teams with perfect records, all coming from Ashland. Ashland’s Carson Barry & Sam South, John Ropp & Noah Falkner and Conlan Ellis & Rob Stallman were seeded in that order to lead the field. Five Ashland teams broke, the most of any school, while Cleveland followed with three teams.

Octafinals began with a bang as top seeded Barry & South fell to Lake Oswego’s Jackson Dyal & Kyle Padgett on a 3-0 decision, but all seven other higher seeded teams pulled out victories. Five of the eight matchups were won by split decision.

The biggest matchup of the quarterfinals was Ropp & Falkner against South Eugene’s Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer. Coming into the tournament, they were the third and second ranked teams from Oregon. One week after Ropp, then partnered with Barry, got the better of Leve & Sprengelmeyer in the finals of Pacific University, he did it again this time with Falkner.

Once again split decisions were common, with two of the four quarterfinals being decided 2-1.

Dyal & Padgett’s run ended in the semifinals as they fell to Whittaker & Ross. Skahill & Knight defeater Ropp & Falkner in the other semifinal. Both decisions were split.

The win in finals places Skahill & Knight all the way at 32nd place in the POI rankings after they earned 26 points, their first of the year. Ross & Whittaker not only jumped to 13th in the rankings, but are now qualified for the Tournament of Champions. Leve & Sprengelmeyer now sit at 18th, a five place drop after teams elsewhere passed them, however the pair became one of four Oregon teams to qualify for the TOC. Ropp & Falkner and Ellis & Stallman, both of whom had already qualified for the TOC, now sit tied at 10th in the rankings, with Ropp still sitting in the top five as an indiviual.

Ropp was top speaker after earning 148 out of a possible 150 speaker points, Barry came in second with 147, while Susie Garcia of Bend was third also with 147. 


Lake Oswego Jackson Dyal & Kyle Padgett def. Ashland Carson Barry & Sam South (3-0)

Ashland John Ropp & Noah Falkner def. Cleveland High School Lejla Biberic & Wyatt Starr (3-0)

Ashland Conlan Ellis & Rob Stallman def. Spraque Eden McCall & Arianna Martin (2-1)

South Eugene Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer def. McMinville Joe Gullo & Benjamin Pollak (2-1)

South Albany Tyler Whittaker & Anthony Ross def. Southridge Austin Jones & Nolan Jones (2-1)

Cleveland Glen Skahill & Mathias Knight def. Lake Oswego Sarah Kwartler & SaraJane Griffiths (2-1)

Ashland High School Elliott Mellon & Karl Moeglein def. Cleveland Nicky Stump & Jozef Galaski-Standow (2-1)

Summit Miles Flynn & Henry Allen def. Ashland Percy Holtzman & Brayden Preskenis (3-0)


Lake Oswego Dyal & Padgett def. Summit Flynn & Henry (2-1)

Ashland Ropp & Falkner def. South Eugene Leve & Sprengelmeyer (3-0)

Cleveland Skahill & Knight def. Ashland Ellis & Stallman (3-0)

South Albany Whittaker & Ross def. Ashland Mellon & Moeglein (2-1)


Cleveland Skahill & Knight def. Ashland Ropp & Falkner (2-1)

South Albany Whittaker & Ross def Lake Oswego Dyal & Padgett (2-1)


Cleveland Skahill & Knight def. South Albany Whittaker & Ross (2-1)