Artem Raskin

Stanford Allows Internet Prep, Announces New Topic Committee

Artem Raskin

Last night, Stanford Invitational sent the following email to coaches:


Hi all,

I’m writing to update you on a few details for parliamentary debate at this year’s tournament.  

Varsity parli will have 6 preliminary rounds: With some shuffling of other events and balancing the Varsity and JV divisions of most events we’ve been able to modify the schedule to allow the Varsity parli division to run 6 preliminary rounds.  You can expect an updated schedule to be posted to our invitation in the near future, but Varsity parli will be starting at 8AM on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate the extra round.

One topic per round: One topic will be announced at the start of  prep for each round/flight (there will be no topic strikes).  Any teams that debate a topic other than the announced at the beginning of prep for that flight/round will forfeit that round.  This doesn't not mean that teams are argumentatively limited or constrained, but rather simply that you must debate the topic provided by the tournament.

No group prep: Teams may not prep with one another or with a coach, nor may they prep with, consult or otherwise be aided in any material manner during the prep period by any individual(s) who are not members of that two-person pairing.  There is no squad prep or coach prep allowed.

Internet prep: Competitors may use computers, smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices during the prep period.  No electronic devices may be used by competitors during a round, with the exception of a timer for competitors to keep track of time during speeches.  Use of electronic devices (timer excepted) during a round is grounds for forfeit, with the judge having discretion..

Tab: Tab will again be run by Sarah Botsch-McGuinn of Notre Dame High School.


Topics are an integral part of any parliamentary tournament.  Our goal is to provide a wide range of timely, challenging and thought provoking topics which provide debaters with a rewarding competitive experience.  Members of the 2016 Stanford Invitational Parliamentary topic/motion setting committee include:

Armand Domalewski: Armand is the former parli coach of Evergreen, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Dougherty Valley, has coached two Stanford Invitational parli champions, several national Congress champs, and multiple Parli TOC championship teams.

Christina Gilbert: Christina is a former President of the Stanford Debate Society and the 2012 Parliamentary TOC champion & top speaker.

Harry Elliott: Harry is a sophomore member of the Stanford Debate Society, a World Universities Debating Championships quarterfinalist, a US Universities Debating Championships semifinalist, American Parliamentary Debate Association National Championships quarterfinalist, and champion and top speaker at various tournaments.

Nick Cugini: Nick is currently an assistant coach with the Stanford Debate Society, an American Parliamentary Debate Association second place team of the year and national championship runner up, a semifinalist at the World Universities Debating Championships, and member of numerous motion setting teams at collegiate-level British Parliamentary tournaments.



Rich Boltizar

Director of Debate, Stanford University