Sierra Maciorowski

iLEAD North Hollywood claims Long Beach title

Sierra Maciorowski
iLEAD North Hollywood claims Long Beach title


The SoCal tournament season kicked off with Cal State Long Beach’s Jack Howe Memorial Tournament, with iLEAD North Hollywood’s Kate Farwell and Chad Gasman conquering La Canada's Jack Nagel & Riley Owen in a unanimous, 3-0 decision on the resolution, “The United States Federal Government should increase regulations on greenhouse gas emissions.” The final round was a strong one, with the negation overpowering the affirmation.

Competitors broke straight to octafinals with standard rounds, with the tournament breaking the top 32% of its field. The two teams emerged as the top competitors out of an open pool of 50 competitors in one of the largest and most distinguished tournaments in California. The tournament is held annually in remembrance of Dr. Jack Howe, who played an integral part in establishing Long Beach Forensics, as well as forensics as it is known today.

Notably, finalist Riley Owen from La Canada took home the first place speaker award with 173 points, tournament champion Chad Gasman of iLEAD North Hollywood won the second place speaker award with 173 points, and semifinalist River Robles of Cypress High School took home the third place speaker award with 172.8 points.

With compelling resolutions, fierce competition, and top-notch teams, the SoCal season is off to a great start.


Servite Nicholas Crosson & Torin Siegel def. Northwood Denny Lee & Amrit Rau

La Canada Nagel & Owen def. Oxford Academy Nikhil Patel & Kalkidan Tewodros

James Enochs Austin Haverdink & Gurtej Kahlon def. La Costa Canyon Mike Armas & Jaxon Guenther

Cypress River Robles & Crystal Pham def. La Canada Charlie Lea & Deborah Yi

iLEAD North Hollywood Farwell & Gasman def. San Marino Harika Kalidhindi & Chunbill Liu

James Enochs Ryan Jabola & John Word def. Canyon Crest Academy Praneeth Kendula & George Cheng

PV Peninsula Sean Furuta & Nick Gardner def. Northwood Ajay Raj & Rishabh Krishan

La Costa Canyon Ryan Leigh & Nolan Durfee def. Crescenta Valley Jocelyn Gould & Samantha Gould


La Canada NO def. Servite Crosson & Siegel

Cypress Robles & Pham  def. James Enochs Haverdink & Kahlon

iLEAD North Hollywood FG def. James Enochs Jabola & Word

PV Peninsula Furuta & Gardner def. La Costa Canyon Leigh & Durfee


La Canada NO def. Cypress RP

iLEAD North Hollywood FG def. PV Peninsula FG


iLEAD North Hollywood FG def. La Canada NO.  

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