Artem Raskin

Bishop O'Dowd Closes Out Prospect

Artem Raskin

The Georgiana Hays invitational, hosted by Prospect High School, began with 31 teams in its varsity division and 13 teams in novice, which were then collapsed into a single division. The field featured several of the top teams in the state, including both of the 2014 prospect finalists - Notre Dame DH and Los Altos DH.

After five preliminary rounds, Prospect ended in a close-out, when the only two remaining undefeated teams - Danielle Viviani & Shawn Cunningham and Camille Porter-McAvoy & Claudia Hester - both hailed from Bishop O-Dowd.

The tournament also recognized Spencer Dembner (Los Altos) as the Top Speaker and Ashwinee Panda (Evergreen Valley) as the runner-up.

In the novice break-out finals, Anirudh Mani and John Dang from Evergreen Valley defeated Irvington's Ahir Datta and Alexander Montgomery on a 3-0 decision.

Full results follow:




Round 1: Education
1.    USFG should mandate the removal of all zero-tolerance drug policies in US public schools. 
2.    US public schools should implement the South Korean education model.
3.    USFG should significantly increase funding for public high school non-elective STEM classes.

Round 2: Military policy
1.    USFG should prefer the use of private military contractors over U.S. soldiers in front line combat operations. 
2.    When in conflict, the USFG should prefer policies of isolationism to policies that increase hegemony.    
3.    Henry Kissinger did more harm to U.S. soft power than good.

Round 3: Technology
1.    USFG should significantly invest in fusion reactor technology.
2.    USFG should implement New York’s “BitLicense” regulation nationwide.
3.    USFG should significantly invest in terraforming technology.

Round 4: Economy 
1.    USFG should amend the internal revenue code to eliminate tax exemptions for religious institutions.
2.    USFG should significantly raise the capital gains tax.
3.    USFG should adopt Belgium’s parental leave policy.

Round 5: Foreign Policy
1.    USFG should end its use of drone strikes as a method of assassination. 
2.    Kurdistan Workers’ Party should declare Kurdish independence from Turkey.
3.    Russia should extradite Edward Snowden to the United States of America.

(FINAL) Round 6: Potpourri 
1.    California should pass SB-277 to end all personal belief exemptions to immunization requirements. 
2.    The UN should prosecute high-ranking Bush administration officials for war crimes in Iraq.
3.    USFG should end its military aid to Israel.