Artem Raskin

Introducing the Iain Gabriel Lampert Award

Artem Raskin

The 2015 Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions is proud to introduce the Iain Gabriel Lampert Award. The Lampert will be won by the team that misses breaking by two seeds. This award will serve as a perpetual reminder of Mr. Lampert's sixth-place finish at the inaugural Tournament of Champions in 2010, which saw the top four teams advance to elimination rounds.

Past people who matched Mr. Lampert's TOC performance are:

Edgar Mitchell in 1971
Rebecca Vastola and Kevin Daley in 2011
Jason Fauss and Jonathan Jeffrey in 2012
Krishna Madhusudan and Aamir Hasnat in 2013
Diana Kruzman and Ashley Liu 2014

Much like the California Cup, this will be a travelling award - winners of The Lampert will be asked to hand it over to the next winning team in 2016.