Nancy Jung

iLEAD North Hollywood wins again at la costa

Nancy Jung
iLEAD North Hollywood wins again at la costa


iLEAD North Hollywood’s Kate Farwell and Chad Gasman took home yet another championship title -- their third this season -- at the annual La Costa Winter Classic. They defeated San Dieguito’s Kyra Benowitz and Matt Benowitz on the resolution, “The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic engagement with the Republic of India” on a 4-1 decision.

The tournament had a final field size of 27 teams, and it broke straight to octofinals. However, in reality only 10 teams broke, as many had byes. As a result, the tournament broke the top 37% of its field. The breaks were a lot kinder to the teams this year, as there were six preliminary rounds, rather than just three.

Side skew at this tournament was extremely limited overall, with an average affirmative win percentage of 48%. Though most other rounds ranged from 46% to 54% aff-biased, round one was an outlier, with only 31% of affirmative teams picking up. 

The first place speaker award went to iLEAD North Hollywood’s Farwell, followed closely by partner Gasman in second place. Torrey Pines’s Joyce Li won third, with Carlsbad's Blake Vakili coming in fourth. 


Carlsbad Ruchal Patel & Trace Tempesta w/o Carlsbad Ida Hansen & Dominick Sullivan (n/a)

San Dieguito Kyra Benowitz & Matt Benowitz def. Servite Dane Madrigal & Sam Jones (2-1)


iLEAD North Hollywood Kate Farwell & Chad Gasman def. Carlsbad Patel & Tempesta (2-1)

Carlsbad Melissa Kay & Elise Unger def. Mission Vista High School Benjamin Matsalla & Matthew Merli (2-1)

Rancho Bernardo Thomas Crimmel & Michael Fitzgerald def. Oxford Nathan Hwangbo & Ahsan Usmani (3-0)

San Dieguito Benowitz & Benowitz def. Torrey Pines Joyce Li & Kalyani Ramadurgam (2-1)


iLEAD North Hollywood Farwell & Gasman def. Carlsbad Kay & Unger (3-0)

San Dieguito BB def. Rancho Bernardo Crimmel & Fitzgerald (2-1)


iLEAD North Hollywood FG def. San Dieguito BB (4-1)

Tournament results can be found here.

Resolutions can be found here.