Nancy Jung

San Dieguito Claims Cypress College Invitational

Nancy Jung
San Dieguito Claims Cypress College Invitational


SoCal’s fall season closed off with the Cypress College Invitational. The tournament’s champions, San Dieguito’s Jason Kesler and Kevin Ward, defeated Redlands’s Adam Pepper and Kaiden Ricksecker on the resolution, “The United States should significantly increase its border security.”

With a pool of 17 teams, a significant decrease from the previous year’s pool of 45 teams, the tournament broke straight to quarterfinals after five preliminary rounds, thus breaking the top 47% of its field. Due to the large break percentage, the quarterfinals rounds will be counted a preliminary one for points purposes. Teams in the quarterfinal round will thus receive the points for a 4-2 record, or 5 points each. 

Claremont’s Clayton Becker won the first place speaker award, followed by Redland’s Kaiden Ricksecker in second, and your correspondent in third. 


San Dieguito Rokas Veitas & Cole Gonzalez def. Magnet Hannah Lee & Jun Yun (2-1)

Peninsula Woodrow Davidson & Sean Furuta def. Citrus Valley Silvu Andronescu & Daniel Gutierrez (2-1)

Redlands Adam Pepper & Kaiden Ricksecker def. Claremont Georges Achy & Kavan Nakai (2-1)

San Dieguito Jason Kesler & Kevin Ward def. Claremont Clayton Becker & Nancy Jung  (2-1)


Redlands Pepper & Ricksecker def. Peninsula Davidson & Furuta (2-1)
San Dieguito Kesler & Ward def. San Dieguito Veitas & Gonzalez (3-0)


San Dieguito KW def. Redlands PR (2-1)

Results can be found here.

Resolutions can be found here.