Mehak Sharma

Los Altos Takes Santa Clara

Mehak Sharma
Los Altos Takes Santa Clara


At 9 P.M. on Sunday, November 22, the Santa Clara University Dempsey-Cronin Invitational narrowed down to an uncharacteristically early final match between Los Altos’ Spencer Dembner & Steven Herman and Cupertino’s Shankara Srikantan & Sequoia’s Kushagra Sharma. Affirming the resolution “NATO should substantially increase military efforts to defeat the Islamic State”, Los Altos’ Dembner & Herman won on a 3-0 decision, taking home 29 points for the championship.

Los Altos' Spencer Dembner & Steven Herman and Sequoia/Cupertino's Kushagra Sharma & Shankara Srikantan

Los Altos' Spencer Dembner & Steven Herman and Sequoia/Cupertino's Kushagra Sharma & Shankara Srikantan

The negation advocated against capitalism, arguing that the affirmation plan was perpetuating a materialistic view of history because all western intervention in the Middle East was spurred by a desire for profit. On the other hand, the affirmation successfully argued that real-life suffering outweighed the discursive critique of the negation, and that capitalism was actually benefitting the world-- and inevitable.

Aside from staying on schedule, the tournament was also notable for its harsh breaks. With 92 teams total in the open division, four teams going 5-0, and another fifteen going 4-1, the harsh break to octafinals left out all teams with 3-2 records and three teams with 4-1 records, including 17th seed, Bentley’s Lucy Holt & Katya Mitzin, and 18th seed, Notre Dame’s Lilly Hackworth & Daenerys Pineda.

The field at SCU was comprised of many of Northern California’s strongest teams, including many teams who did well at NPDI last weekend. Evergreen’s Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala, NPDI champions, and Campolindo’s Conor Hanvey & Peter Moore, NPDI finalists, were both in attendance.

On their way to the championship, Dembner & Herman dropped Evergreen’s Gaurav Sharma & Ayush Shukla in octos, Evergreen’s Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala in quarters, and Bishop O’Dowd’s Shawn Cunningham & Claudia Hester in semis.

Meanwhile, Srikantan & Sharma dropped Archbishop Mitty’s Koji Flynn-Do & Charles Pyle in octos, Irvington’s Aditya Kaushik & Michelle Huang in quarters, and Saratoga’s Alexander Li & Aakash Thumaty in semis.

Leland’s Alex Luo was the tournament’s top speaker, followed by Sequoia’s Kushagra Sharma and Bishop O’Dowd’s Shawn Cunningham and Danielle Viviani.

In the novice division, Notre Dame’s Sahithi Madireddy & Christie Maly defeated Evergreen’s Kevin Han & Ricky Xin in finals on a 3-0 decision. Valley Christian’s Adrika Yousuf was the top speaker, followed by Los Altos’ Ryan Lee and Bishop O’Dowd’s Michael Jayasuriya.


Saratoga Alexander Li & Aakash Thumaty def. Bishop O'Dowd Danielle Viviani & Camille Porter McAvoy (2-1)

Evergreen Poojan Shukla & Marek Zielinski def. Leland Alex Luo & Dong Hee Han (3-0)

Cupertino/Sequoia Shankara Srikantan & Kushagra Sharma def. Archbishop Mitty Koji Flynn-Do & Charles Pyle (3-0)

Irvington Aditya Kaushik & Michelle Huang def. Lynbrook Uday Tripathi & Kartik Rathi (3-0)

Windsor Claire Ernst & Christophe Davis def. Evergreen Janav Sharma & Anirudh Mani (3-0)

Bishop O'Dowd Shawn Cunningham & Claudia Hester def. Washington Rahul Sheth & Anirudh Veeraragavan (3-0)

Evergreen Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala def. Archbishop Mitty Pranav Govindaraju & Ismail Shaik (3-0)

Los Altos Spencer Dembner and Steven Herman def. Evergreen Gaurav Sharma & Ayush Shukla (3-0)


Saratoga Li & Thumaty def. Evergreen Shukla & Zielinski (2-1)

Cupertino/Sequoia Srikantan & Sharma def. Irvington Kaushik & Huang (2-1)

Bishop O'Dowd Cunningham & Hester def. Windsor Ernst & Davis (3-0)

Los Altos Dembner and Herman def. Evergreen Abushama & Cochinwala (3-0)


Cupertino/Sequoia SS def. Saratoga LT (3-0)

Los Altos DH def. Bishop O'Dowd CH (2-1)


Los Altos DH def. Cupertino/Sequoia SS (3-0)

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