Spencer Dembner

Lowell takes University of the Pacific

Spencer Dembner
Lowell takes University of the Pacific


On Sunday afternoon, the final round of the University of the Pacific’s Jon Schamber Invitational paired Lowell's Thomas White & Emily Hall against Irvington's Aditya Kaushik & Michelle Huang. Affirming the resolution “The United Nations Security Council should pass a treaty to protect and preserve extraterrestrial microbial organisms and ecosystems,” Lowell became the tournament champion on a 3-0 decision.

Tournament champions Emily Hall & Thomas White. 

Tournament champions Emily Hall & Thomas White. 

With a total field size of 70 teams, UOP was the largest tournament of the Northern California season so far. 16 teams broke to octafinals, meaning the majority of teams with 3-2 records did not break to octafinals, including the 17th seed of Bishop O'Dowd's Camille Porter-McAvoy & Danielle Viviani, and the 18th seed from Sonoma Academy of Caleb Kornfein & Audrey von Raesfeld. 

On the way to the final round, Lowell defeated Windsor in octafinals, Bishop O’Dowd in quarterfinals, and Los Altos in semifinals, while Irvington defeated Windsor in octafinals, Bentley in quarterfinals, and Campolindo in semifinals.

In addition to winning the tournament, Emily Hall from Lowell was the tournament’s top speaker.


Bishop O'Dowd Shawn Cunningham & Moriah Moore def. Campolindo Kaveh Boostanpour & Thomas Liao (2-1)

Campolindo Richard Gong & Austen Li def. Bentley Ryan Booth & Devin Pracar (3-0)

Los Altos Spencer Dembner & Steven Herman def. East Academy Albert Le & Jai Nekkileru (3-0)

Lowell Thomas White & Emily Hall def. Windsor Courtney McDowell & Ty Shimizu (3-0)

Windsor Christophe Davis & JP Escarcega def. Campolindo Kevin Deng & Ming Qian (3-0)

Irvington Michelle Huang & Aditya Kaushik def. Windsor Autumn Inman & Aly Young (3-0)

Bentley Irene Partsuf & Michael Rubsamen def. CEHS Ryan Frazler & Rowell Reyes (2-1)

East Academy Basil Abushama & Nadia Cochinwala def. James Logan Kyle Barnes & Samantha Gille (3-0)


Lowell Hall & White def. O'Dowd Cunningham & Moore (2-1)
Campolindo Gong & Li def. East Academy Abushama & Cochinwala (3-0)
Irvington Huang & Kaushik def. Bentley Partsuf & Rubsamen (3-0)
Los Altos Dembner & Herman def. Windsor Davis & Escarcega (2-1)


Lowell HW def. Los Altos DH (3-0)

Irvington HK def. Campolindo GL (3-0)


Lowell HW def. Irvington HK (3-0)

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