Nancy Jung

Claremont Closes Out the Bargain Belt Invitational

Nancy Jung
Claremont Closes Out the Bargain Belt Invitational


The third tournament of the SoCal season, the 3rd Annual Bargain Belt Invitational, was closed out by Claremont’s Georges Achy & Kavan Nakai, and Claremont’s Eric Davis & Dwarak Reddy.

Achy and Nakai took home the first place trophy, walking over their teammates based on preliminary seeding without debating the finals resolution of “This house would intervene in Syria.”

With a field of 39 teams from all over Southern California breaking straight to quarterfinals, the tournament broke 21% of its field, meaning that all 4-0s and half of the teams with 3-1 records broke. The four round prelim system made for a challenging break.

The invitational allowed internet prep and took course over a single day, resulting in a total of seven rounds, which is an impressive feat by most tournaments' standards.

Notably, Akshar Patel from Chino Hills won the first place speaker award with 118 points, Miles Nolte from Bonita won the second place speaker award with 116.5 points, and quarter-finalist Kaiden Ricksecker from Redlands won the third place speaker award with 116.1 points.


Claremont Eric Davis & Dwarak Reddy def. Redlands Adam Pepper & Kaiden Ricksecker

Bonita Miles Nolte & Makaria Yami def. Claremont Alexandra Geurts & Sydnie Holzinger

Claremont Georges Achy & Kavan Nakai def. Oxford Nikhil Patel & Ahsan Usmani

Oxford Debayan Bandyopadhyay & Hee Won Jung def. Magnet Hannah Lee & Jun Yun


Claremont Davis & Reddy def. Bonita Nolte & Yami

Claremont Achy & Nakai def. Oxford Bandyopadhyay & Jung


Claremont Achy & Nakai w/o Claremont Davis & Reddy

Resolutions can be found here.

Tournament results can be found here.