Karl Moeglein

Ashland closes out Willamette

Karl Moeglein
Ashland closes out Willamette

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No final round was necessary at Willamette University, as Ashland High School closed out the Jerry Hudson Speech and Debate Tournament.

The third seed Noah Falkner & John Ropp and the seventh seed Conlan Ellis & Rob Stallman both debated the resolution “This house believes parents should raise their children on a vegetarian or vegan diet,” and were victorious on 2-1 decisions in the semifinal rounds to secure the closeout.

Ashland's Noah Falkner, John Ropp, Rob Stallman, and Conlan Ellis

Ashland's Noah Falkner, John Ropp, Rob Stallman, and Conlan Ellis

The senior division consisted of 31 teams, 30 of which came from Oregon. The only California team, Garrett Broberg & Marcus Cohen of El Dorado High School, was also the undefeated team in prelims with a perfect 5-0 record.

Only one 3-2 team was able to break as the field was cut to eight teams. South Albany’s Anthony Ross & Tyler Whittaker were just one of ten 3-2 teams, and successfully took down the top seeded Broberg & Cohen before falling to Falkner & Ropp. Ross, who is also the defending state champion in Congress, was the top speaker of the tournament.

In the other semifinal round, Hunter Boelow & Austin Schubert of Sam Barlow, a policy team who competed in parli because of the absence of policy at Willamette, lost a close round in the semifinals as the affirmative against Ellis & Stallman.

While Oregon parli continues to evolve, multiple high level arguments were used through the tournament including both of the teams in the closeout using Wilderson during the tournament.

Wilderson's proposal to burn down civil society was used in a preliminary round by Falkner & Ropp as the alternative in their kritik before Ellis & Stallman used the theory of Wilderson through their counterplan of destroying the USFG in the quarterfinals.

Either use would have been unlikely in years past, and these two examples were part of a larger spectrum of high level arguments which was likely helped along by the number of participants with policy backgrounds debating.

Along with Ross as top speaker, Aneesh Mysore of Westview and Ropp were second and third speaker, respectively.


8. South Albany Anthony Ross & Tyler Whittaker def. 1. El Dorado Garrett Broberg & Marcus Cohen (3-0)

7. Ashland Conlan Ellis & Rob Stallman def. 2. Westview Aneesh Mysore & Aroon Nagappan (3-0)

3. Ashland Noah Falkner & John Ropp def. 6. Lincoln Jack Sanders & Andria Tattersfield (3-0)

4. Sam Barlow Hunter Boelow & Austin Schubert def. 5. South Eugene Alex Leve & Ada Sprengelmeyer (3-0)


Ashland Ellis & Stallman def. Sam Barlow Boelow and Schubert (2-1)

Ashland Falkner & Ropp def. South Albany Ross & Whittaker (2-1)