Nancy Jung

Sonoma Academy wins CSU Fullerton title

Nancy Jung
Sonoma Academy wins CSU Fullerton title

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Sonoma Academy's Liam Kolling & Jack Greenberg

Sonoma Academy's Liam Kolling & Jack Greenberg


The second major invitational of the SoCal season was Cal State Fullerton's Annual Speech and Debate Tournament, taking place over the course of three days on the college’s campus

NorCal team Sonoma Academy’s Jack Greenberg and Liam Kolling took took home the champion title by defeating Peninsula's Woodrow Davidson and Sean Furuta on a 3-0 decision on the resolution, "The United States should establish a nationwide tax on carbon emissions." 

The tournament was run on a double flight system, and its pool shrank from 35 to 33 teams, resulting in the tournament breaking 48% of its field to octafinals, instead of the previously anticipated quarterfinals break. Despite the smaller field, it was one that presented quality, rather than quantity, with several strong teams and individual debaters, as mentioned in the pre-tournament analysis.

Notably, Claire Ernst from Windsor won the first place speaker award with 174.2 points, Kalyani Ramadurgam from Torrey Pines took home the second speaker award with 173.5 points, and Ahsan Usmani from Oxford nearly tied with Ramadurgam with 173.4 points, thus winning the third speaker award.


Oxford Nathan Hwangbo & Ahsan Usmani def. Citrus Valley Lena Nguyen & Ashley Samaan

Peninsula Davidson & Furuta def. Chaminade Noelle Johnson & Jeremy Marsh

iLEAD North Hollywood Kate Farwell & Chad Gasman def. Flintridge Preparatory Brendan Ashworth & Theodore Jaffrey

Carlsbad Caroline Allen & Yosuf Hashmi def. Windsor Christophe Davis & JP Escarcega

Bishop O'Dowd Shawn Cunningham & Sophia Yau-Weeks def. Sonoma Academy Jake Haas & Maxx Marian

Sonoma Academy Greenberg & Kolling def. Windsor Claire Ernst & Anna Skarr

Citrus Valley Silviu Andronescu & Daniel Gutierrez def. Los Osos Derek Lui & Ryan Nam

Carlsbad Alex DeTaboada & Chad Hamner def. El Modena Arman Ghafari & Rachael Helflich


Peninsula DF def. Oxford Hwangbo & Usmani

iLEAD North Hollywood GF def. Carlsbad Allen & Hashmi

Sonoma GK def. Bishop O’Dowd Cunningham & Yau-Weeks

Carlsbad DeTaboada & Hamner def. Citrus Valley Andronescu & Gutierrez


Peninsula DF def. iLEAD North Hollywood GF

Sonoma GK def. Carlsbad DH


Sonoma GK def. Peninsula DF